This New Year’s Eve is going to be unlike than any other. We’ve all had a whirlpool of a year with some of the most unexpected events that paralysed the world. But believe it or not, it’s December already, of the year that seemed like the longest yet the shortest! We are more than ready to bid adieu to 2020 and hope that the next year has better things in store. While a grand celebration may not be possible, there’s still many other ways to bring in the new year.

If you are a homebody, low-key plans such as staying home in pyjamas, a move-night with friends or a small gathering with your loved ones doesn’t sound too bad, no? If you’re someone who would like to doll-up and celebrate in a fancier way (safely!), make sure to go all out and make it up for all the lost opportunities to dress up this year, on this night. But regardless of what your style is, we’ve put together an outfit guide for all kinds of festive vibes. From cosy OOTNs for intimate, at-home scenes to celebratory outfits for grander celebrations, we’ve got you covered!

5 Outfit Ideas To Bring In The New Year In 5 Ways:

1) Glitz & Glam

Attending a more formal, glitzy New Years gathering? Don’t be afraid to get your sequins on! It’s been a difficult year, so shimmer it away with a loud ensemble. The choice of sequins for a New Years party is pretty common; it’s the one time of the year you can wear it without feeling extra. When you hit the high-street shops or browse online, you will have a variety of sparkly outfits to choose from. If you aren’t too comfortable with too much shine, opt for a sequinned top or a jacket and pair it down with simpler bottoms. On the other hand, if you aren’t afraid to sparkle it up, a mini-dress like the H&M will add some much-needed fun and flair to your night!

2) Netflix & Chill

Many of us still prefer to be home and are consciously avoiding stepping out. In that scenario, having a few close friends over for a movie night sounds just about perfect. While chilling in pyjamas sounds ideal, take it up a notch and start the year in chic loungewear. Having company, even if it’s one person, is good enough an excuse as any to dress up a little. So throw on a cute knitted jumper (even oversized works!) with some comfortable bottoms. If you get in the mood to glam it up further, throw on some simple yet classy accessories. Even if you aren’t stepping out, you’ll still look great for ‘em selfies! And the best part of the entire look is that you don’t need to wear fancy shoes or heels. Slide on some fluffy cosy slippers and chill out with your loved ones.

3) House Party

House parties for New Year’s Eve might be the most popular gathering that will take place. While it is not grand enough to go all out in sparkly outfits, you do want to make an impression and dress smart. Our recommendation would be a stylish jumpsuit. Satin or silk seems to be a favourite textile lately and looks luxe in many outfit styles. A satin jumpsuit with some distinctive features is a trendy choice for a house party. The material will keep you comfortable all night and at the same time look dressy enough to ring in the new year. Moreover, it will look great teamed with a pair of ankle-boots, block heels or even fancy kicks. Don’t forget to complete your look by adding-on some delicate gold accessories!

4) Home Alone

A party of one is as good as any other party! We understand being home alone means you can wear whatever in the world you want, but it is not an excuse to look like a drag. I always believe you should feel and look your best when starting something new. Pyjamas or loungewear will be the definite wardrobe choice when you are alone at home. However, you can ensure that it is a new or cute pair of pyjamas that look fabulous on you. Please keep aside those tattered comfy pyjamas we are all guilty of owning! Treat yourself to a soft silky pair of a matching pyjama two-piece set and relax away!

5) Dinner Date

Good food, good ambience and a handsome date are the 3 essentials for a good night! If you are going for a nice dinner date to bring in the New Year, you want to own the night in your outfit without looking like you’ve tried too hard. For an effortless, minimalistic look, opt for a printed mini-dress. Added trendy details such as boxy shoulders, ruffles and layers make the outfit more dressy and current. Furthermore, inject some elements of bling with stacked rings and statement earrings to complete the look. When it comes to footwear, ditch the heels and make a statement with some sexy over-the-knee boots, that will lengthen your silhouette and look great with your mini-dress.

What will you be wearing this New Years Eve? Let us know in the comments below.

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