Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin‘s love story in the Bigg Boss 14 house is known to one and all, isn’t it? They have fans and fan accounts shipping them, including the contestants inside the house like Kashmera Shah, Vikas Gupta and Rahul Mahajan. Aly Goni re-entered the show, much to Jasmin’s excitement and recently, in a conversation, he mentioned that if Jasmin’s family wasn’t okay with their relationship, he will stop talking to her.

Rakhi Sawant, in a Monday’s episode, asked Aly what he would do if Jasmin’s family opposes their relationship. To this, he says that they both will never go against their families and that he can even go to the extent of not speaking to Jasmin if need be. But he adds that his family has, on their part, already accepted their relationship.

But Jasmin says that her family will not pose any objections because they love her and care for her happiness first. But his statement did get Jasmin teary-eyed and Aly had to console her. In the background, Rakhi was seen crooning ‘Har kisiko nahi milta yaha pyaar zindagi mein’.

This is not the only time they have spoken about their marriage. Previously in the episode, Aly was seen talking to Jasmin and saying that he would rather marry his best friend than finding another girl and getting to know her. He was seen telling, “Ab main bahar jaaunga ladki dhoondunga, girlfriend banaunga ya pehle time spent karunga phir pata chale won acchi nikle na… phir itna time dene ke baad nahi laga mera mann… toh uska aur mera hum dono ka time barbaad, so main sochta hoon hoon ki tere saath theek hai apni setting…(Now when when I get out of the house, I will begin looking for a girl. We will then spend time together. If I find that I can’t get along with her, then it is a waste of time for the both of us. Since we get along so well, I thought with you it’s perfect…).”

Jasmin was seen blushing when he said this. Aren’t they cutest?