Content creation is a field that is growing rapidly every single day. Each and every creator is unique in their own way! Also, they are all role models who are looked upon and followed by their loving fans. Connecting and engaging with your audience is the prime objective of a content creator. Therefore, creators try their best to associate themselves with their fans. This simply leads to a sense of belongingness, making their fanbase feel super special just to give the ‘We Are A Familywaali feeling! Here are a few creators whose fandoms are nothing less than a happy family.

Here they are:

1. #ACVians

Who doesn’t know Ashish Chanchlani, the youth icon? He, in simple words, is ‘entertainment ka baap‘ who on Instagram and YouTube receives immense love from his #ACVians. On all occasions, we see Ashish connecting with his social media family, which is just so heart-warming.

2. #DumDums

She is the ‘queen’ of social media with over 3 million followers on Instagram, Prajakta Koli is one such creator who is taking the world of content creation by storm. The reason we all can connect to her content is that she connects with her fans #DumDums on another level. Making them feel as if they are a part of her journey, isn’t it super cool?

3. #FaisuSquad

Faisal Shaikh popularly known as Mr. Faisu belongs to one of the most talented creator groups #Team07. His squad is always supporting and motivating him to create great content. Also, Mr. Faisu makes sure that his #FaisuSquad is well informed about his whereabouts. He truly is a people’s person and we love this quality of his.

4. #AddyLovers

He is yet another member of the famous creator group #Team07. Adnaan Shaikh keeps on creating creative and unique content for his #Addylovers. From fitness to motivation to dance to trending challenges and Reels, we see him reach out and give endless love to his fans. Also, all the #Addylovers are extremely active on social media platforms and keep supporting him all the time.

5. #RGVSquad

An inspiration to many, Vishakha Fulsunge has created a mark of her own! Her #RGVSquad is super proud of all her achievements and wants to see her grow even more. Vishaka never misses an opportunity to thank and appreciate her squad, she keeps them updated and virtually takes them along on all her journeys with her awesome content. We can’t get enough of this squad love!

6. #AadilKiArmy

The dynamic and oh-so-handsome, Aadil Khan stays on his toes to entertain and show his #AadilKiArmy something new and unique. He collaborates with the best creators and artists to create magic for his army. His down to earth and friendly nature is what makes him stand out from the others. Also, we are always blown away by how active and supportive #AadilKiArmy is on social media!

7. #MSKians

Mohammed Salim Khan a.k.a MSK is a popular automobile enthusiast and travel vlogger. He has a huge fanbase who are popularly called #MSKians and they are always supporting him through thick and thin. The kind of love and support he receives from his fandom is nothing but adorable.

8. #MGSquad

Madan Gowri is one of the most well-informed and talented creators we know. Through his content, he aims to entertain as well as inform his audience. His consistency and patience have garnered him a huge fandom called the #MGSquad. We always see his fans rooting for him and staying updated about everything he does.

9. #Anushkians

What do we even say about the #Anushkians? Today, Anushka Sen is one of the most popular creators in the country and has more than 12 million followers on her Instagram. She receives immense love and support from her #Anushkians, who dedicatedly follower her content. Even Anushka makes sure she doesn’t disappoint them and always shows love and appreciation for her fandom.

10. #Siddharthians

Siddharth Nigam is the perfect ‘chocolate boy’ who his fans know and love! As of today, Siddharth is the youngest Indian male actor to cross 1 million subscribers on YouTube. This has only been possible because of his hard work and constant support from his #Siddharthians!

11. #Zaanemans

Zaid Darbar is always the talk of the town for all the right reasons. Time and again, he has proved that his content is super entertaining and unique. His sheer dedication for his work has garnered him an army of #Zaanemans and they support him in everything he does. Also, can we please talk about how quirky and unique the name ‘Zaanemans‘ is? We absolutely love it!

Content creators are super talented and have always entertained us with mind-blowing content. However, their dedicated fandom plays a major role in helping them achieve success. Today, we would just like to take a moment and appreciate all the amazing fan families out there who have been relentlessly supporting their favourite creators. You guys, rock! Which fandom do you belong to? Tell us in the comments below.

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