There are numbers of talented creators whom we love to follow for our daily dose of entertainment. Most of us know them because of their creative, unique and entertaining content on various social media platforms. As their fans, we all love to know everything and anything about our fave idols, don’t we? What if we say we have some interesting and quirky facts about 10 super amazing creators right here. So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling and get all the insider about your favourite content creators now!

Here they are:

1. Malini Agarwal

Boss lady, Malini Agarwal is doing exceptionally well professionally! She is someone who has come a long way and her journey has inspired us all. Apart, from being actively present on social media, did you know about her obsession with outer space? She can go on and on for hours talking and researching about space. Malini, in simple words, we love you to ‘the moon and back’! 😛

2. Sejal Kumar

What can we even say about this multi-talented creator? Sejal Kumar is a diva who has been ruling over our hearts with her content and confidence. A super fun insider about her is that she is a big fan of Besan Ka Halwa and tbh, we love it too!

3. Prajakta Koli

Our shining star, Prajakta Koli is bringing a smile to all of our faces with her phenomenal content. We absolutely love her uniqueness and creativity. A very intriguing yet unique fact about her is that she loves the combination of ‘Dal Khichdi‘ with ‘Chicken Tikka‘. Woah, we definitely could never think of such a cool food combination, could we?

4. Be YouNick

The master of being unique, Be YouNick has always taken us by surprise with his content. Yet again he gives us a breaker fact about his passion for sports, especially football. This post of him with Ranbir Kapoor in the field says it all and we would love to watch him play someday!

5. Kusha Kapila

Popular for her different characters, Kusha has always been a big fan of the ultimate Saas Bahu serial character, Tulsi Virani. We can totally imagine her nailing that role with her unique touch if there was a sequel of it in 2020.

6. Adv. Manav Chhabra

The hottie Manav Chhabra has always been the centre of attraction, hasn’t he? Also, he belongs to one of the most talented creator groups, DamnFam. We were all taken by surprise when he revealed that he is a state-level basketball player. Now, we know the secret behind his tall, strong and charming personality! 😛

7. Zaid Darbar

The dynamic and talented, Zaid Darbar shared a very fun and cool fact that blew our minds. He was a former instructor at Shaimak Davar’s SDIPA, that’s super cool, isn’t it? However, this doesn’t surprise us because we all know that he is an amazing dancer.

8. Adnaan Shaikh

Adnaan is yet another superb creator who is a member of the most phenomenal creator group called Team07. An interesting fact about Adnaan is that he owns a restaurant and is an amazing cook! I am sure just like us, you all wish to visit his restaurant ASAP.

9. Sherry Shroff

The fashion diva and icon, Sherry Shroff is super glamorous. She shared an interesting fact about herself that her favourite fashion accessories are a bracelet and a watch. It’s funny how such a small add-on to your outfit can do wonders.

10. Aadil Khan

This rockstar is always creating magic with his smooth moves and we can’t help but fall in love with him every time we see his dance videos. He has a big-time celebrity crush on Kiara Advani. Raise your hand if you wish to watch them collab one day!

So, there you go! These were a few interesting and super cool facts about your favourite creators that really took us by surprise. Let us know whose fact surprised you the most in the comments below!

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