In this digital age, every now and then we encounter some inspiring and creative influencers. We look at their journey, their hard work and creativity and just wonder how they constantly manage to entertain us on a daily basis. They are consistent and their innovative ideas never fail to surprise us. One such epic creator is Anmol Sachar. What makes Anmol a star is how innovatively he twists every single viral challenge or meme with his own tadka for his audience. You’ll never see Anmol creating content around a challenge in the way everyone else does because his way is always unique, just like him. If you’re intrigued, you don’t wanna miss details about his life so far and his backstory. In short, welcome to the Anmol Sachar Appreciation Blog. Here we go!

Who is Anmol Sachar?

Anmol is a YouTuber who started his journey back in 2014 and his first comedy video was posted in 2016. His first-ever viral video was ‘Kahani mard mard ki‘ which was about two boys trying to impress a girl in a carpool ride. However, he doesn’t restrict himself to comedy videos. He gives the audiences a variety of content including a series called ‘Anmol Talks‘ where he shares his views on topics that his audiences want from him. One of the episodes of ‘Anmol Talks‘ on how he lost 38 Kgs in less than a year, has inspired many youngsters to set and strive to achieve their fitness goals. Other topics he has covered on his channel include bullying, communication skills, exam pressure and more. He has had an interesting journey so far since he’s worked at The Viral Fever with their core team and also had the opportunity to work with one of the biggest creators of the country—Ashish Chanchlani!

Anmol on working with Ashish Chanchlani…

When asked about his experience working with Ashish he said,

There is this misconception that Ashish and I are childhood friends. It was about a year and a half through my independent content creation journey, Ashish & his team came across my work & I was called to work together on one video, then another and then there was no looking back. They loved my work & of course for me, working with one of the top content creators of the country was nothing short of a dream come true. I learnt a lot working with him and the entire team & today we are all great friends.

What’s in store for the future?

When we asked him what his fans can expect from him in the future, he told us that his vision is to spread more smiles by the passing day and a very interesting and funny show called ‘Cooking With Anmol‘ will be in the works soon. And of course, some fun collabs too.

Here’s what Anmol said about his content creation journey,

I have always believed in this funda of ‘dream big, work hard & watch the magic happen’ and I believe it applies to everything in life. I have big dreams, I shall continue to work hard & bring unique content to my audiences that will add some value to their lives & I hope I continue to receive the love I’ve been getting from the audiences. And I am super excited for the future.

Every time a viral trend pops up, all we do is wait for Anmol to drop his version of it as it is legit the most unique one from the lot. As he usually says, “breaking from the clutter is hard”, but he stands out with his humble, warm and charming content!

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