As winter starts to set in, it calls for a change in our skincare regimen. The products that were working great for your skin throughout the summer and the monsoon, may not fit into your winter skincare routine so perfectly. Which is why we’ve got on board, Dr. Jamuna Pai who schools us on the right regime and products to use in our winter skincare routine.

Dry skin can feel rough and flaky, making it itchy and sensitive. Apart from the weather, there are various other causative factors making the skin dry. These include soaps, alcohol-containing cleansers, and even a hot water shower! One must refrain from hot showers and vigorous scrubbing with loofah/towel which could aggravate the dryness and itching.

Dr. Pai also says, “The skin when dry, reflects less light making the skin look dull too. Emollients and deep moisturisers should be adopted into your skincare routine as soon as the winter dryness begins. It should ideally be applied within the first five minutes of taking a shower, and best used twice a day.

Now depending on your body area, one can choose a cream, a lotion or oil… Let’s say, cream for the face and hands, and lotion barrier protective thick creams and oils for the body. Use of these twice a day is key to keeping the skin healthy and soft. Make sure to also use fragrance-free products further help in avoiding irritation to the skin.

With the constant sanitising of hands, frequent use of hand creams is essential. Oil massages with cold-pressed oils greatly help in overcoming the dryness of the skin. Use of SPF is mandatory even in winters. A lip balm with an SPF helps combat chapped lips, keeping them well hydrated.

Besides topical products, a few oral supplements also help combat the dryness. These include collagen, sodium hyaluronate, antioxidant agents like coenzyme Q 10, beta carotene, astaxanthine , glutathione, zinc and selenium. Oral supplements of essential fatty acids like Flaxseed oil capsules, Primrose oil capsules, cod-liver oil capsules and omega 3,6,9 supplements in diet further help in improving hydration to the skin.

She futher stress on the importance of hydration and says, “Opt for hydrating face and body treatments to restore the moisture in the skin. Hyaluronic gel-infused dermal fillers work greatly in hydrating the skin and keeping it radiant and glowing.”

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