Stockings, or otherwise known as tights are a saviour to many of our outfit woes. Need to cover your bare legs? Wear stockings. Want to wear a short outfit but legs aren’t waxed? Add stockings. Want to wear your favourite party dress without freezing? Enter stockings. Sheer tights have been an assistance to us many times over. During the winter season, we turn to tights more than usual. It is the much-needed base layer for all our sweater dresses, mini-skirts and oversized coats. Let’s also not forget how cute and festive stockings look with a checkered skirt or a party dress!

Their purpose exceeds their functionality as they also add a great aesthetic value to all our outfits. Even though tights are a winter favourite, it can get repetitive to wear the same style ever now and then. 2020 saw the emergence of many funky designs and patterns on tights. Luxury brands such as Chanel and Gucci have transposed their logo onto them, making tights a bold statement piece to style this season. This opened windows to several fresh ways to wear the combo of tights and dresses without feeling overdone. To guide us, we turned to Instagram‘s street-style influencers to show us how it is done.

Scroll ahead to check out 6 trendy ways to wear tights with your outfits:

1) With A Long Skirt

A go-to pairing with tights is the classic favourite mini-skirts. Change it up this year and go for a midi or long skirt that can be worn with sheer tights as well. Hammasa sizzles in an all-black winter look comprising a turtleneck top, buttoned leather skirt, stockings and silhouette boots. The stockings serve both, functional and aesthetic purpose in this ensemble. Even though the skirt is long in length, Hammasa has unbuttoned the leather piece till her thighs to flaunt her long legs and her sheer tights. On the whole, it is a great way to style a maxi skirt with tights. Also, the studded boots and jumbo Chanel bag make a great addition to the black attire.

2) Under An Oversized Shirt

Another alternative to a basic dress is opting for an over-sized shirt as a dress and wearing it with a pair of tights, just like Emily Shak‘s grunge look. There’s honestly so many fun ways to style your oversized clothes with tights. To add some more warmth and some definition to your look, throw on a leather vest like Emily has. This looks extremely cool zipped up as well. Additionally, the black platform boots and silver hardware details on the vest add just the grunge-chic finishing touch to her street-style look.

3) With A Fitted Sweater Dress

Oversized sweater dresses and winter season go hand-in-hand for a cosy, bundled up look. However, this year we suggest to switch it up from an oversized to a fitted sweater dress like Ozgur‘s. While we aren’t denying the comfort of a large sweater, the structure that a fitted one brings to your look is undeniable. Particularly for a fancy day or night out. Ozgur’s Balmain houndstooth sweater dress defines her silhouette and looks elegant paired with sheer tights. Moreover, her choice of classic black pumps for footwear instead of the conventional choice of boots stands out. The tights help further help in elongating her height and looks a lot more refined for any formal outing. A fresh take on the sweater dress indeed!

4) Under An Oversized Blazer

The rage around blazers is completely justifiable. Your winter wardrobe will be incomplete without a blazer to fashion this season. Inspired by Alexx Coll, use your oversized blazer to form a dress along with some patterned sheer tights to make a bold statement. Alex’s addition of a belt around the waist keeps the blazer intact and adds definition to look. This avoids the baggy appearance that may otherwise come from oversized clothing. Another street-style favourite, we love the combination of those chunky boots along with ‘em funky tights.

5) With Shorts

Who said you can’t wear shorts in winter? Thankfully, tights make it all possible. Although, when pairing your shorts with tights, it is important to be wary about the fitting to avoid a faux pas. We like how Hammasa has styled her shorts. She has combined several trendy fashion elements into one fabulous outfit—leather shorts, ribbed turtleneck top, plaid coat and a beret. For this look, it is always better to opt for tights with a low denier to avoid taking away from the other components of the outfit. Don’t miss out on the silver, grey and brown colour palette that works in sync in making this a chic ensemble.

6) Patterned Tights

Another new fad that is impossible to miss out on is patterned tights. Fashion houses like Gucci, Fendi and Chanel have all jumped on the bandwagon, as well. While many brands have transposed their logo onto them, you can also find variants with different designs and pattern such as stars, crescents, letters etc. The most important thing to keep in mind when styling these is to keep the outfit as simple as possible. Olga Agapitova‘s simple but sexy choice of a white satin blazer and an LBD goes well together with her patterned tights. Keeping the colours and design of your outfit minimal helps to draw focus to the tights. Don’t forget to layer well as this style of tights is more aesthetic than functional.

What is your favourite way to wear tights? Let us know in the comments below.

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