2020 has been a difficult year for most of us, due to the pandemic. All of us were in a state of lockdown and physical meetings and travelling were completely limited. However, every dark cloud has a silver lining! While all of us were stuck at home this year, people came up with creative and entertaining challenges and trends that went super viral. Globally, people took part in fun, viral trends and gave it their own unique twist. Tbh, while we were getting bored at home, these challenges were like our source of entertainment. 2020 saw so many viral trends but these 10 trends surely top our list. Keep scrolling to see how many have you taken part in!

Check them out!

1. Dalgona coffee

While all of us were in quarantine, most of us would have heard about the #DalgonaCoffee challenge. It went completely viral on the internet and a whole host of people stared creating their classy version of ‘pheti hui coffee‘. Well, we took part in this trend too and tried to make Dalgona coffee with some whipped cream. Don’t lie, we know you tried to make it too! :P

2. Pillow challenge

The famous quarantine pillow challenge was started on April 5th by Instagram users, @styledbynelli and @myforteisfashion. The challenge involved wearing a pillow on your body along with a belt. This trend spread like wildfire on social media and many A-list celebrities also sported a trendy pillow look. This challenge is a perfect example of how creative people can get while being quarantined.

3. Binod

This trend doesn’t need any introduction because ‘Binod’ was literally the most used term in the month of August 2020. It all started with an innocent ‘Binod’ comment on Slayypoint’s video and that comment made the Indian social media go gaga! Multiple creators started developing creative content around it and we saw various big brands come up with hilarious memes too. This word became so popular that if you STILL don’t know what ‘Binod’ is, you are surely living under a rock!

4. Yashraj Mukhate

What do even say about this man? Yashraj took the internet by storm with his quirky tracks and so many of us started creating hilarious Reels with his music. It all started with ‘Rasode mai kaun tha‘ and after that, there was so looking back for him. From Biggini shoot to Tommy, all of his tracks have gone viral online and so many talented creators have come up with quirky content on it.

5. Black and white picture challenge (challenge accepted)

This was one more trend that got super popular on the internet in 2020 and for all the right reasons. The black and white picture challenge gained momentum among women all over the world. The aim of this challenge was to empower women and show support for one another. All they had to do was write ‘challenge accepted‘ in their caption and tag other women in the post. There were multiple reasons behind people taking up this challenge but we love how so many women took it up and showed solidity.

6. 2020 challenge

The #2020Challenge was started by the legendary Reese Witherspoon and it literally broke the internet within hours. The challenge is super simple and it literally depicts how uncertain this whole year has been. Multiple creators and artists tried this challenge and the pictures were absolutely hilarious. It’s safe to say that this challenge is a big mood! :P

7. Time Warp

The time warp filter is something that went super viral on the internet because of how quirky it is! This filter can literally freeze the frame as soon as the line crosses. There’s no doubt that this became an online trend and so many people got super creative with their videos. We still can’t get over this fun filter!

8. Have you ever Bingo

Do you guys remember posting so many Bingos on your Instagram story? ‘Cuz same! Around early April-May Bingos went viral globally and on every occasion, people started creating customised Bingos for their friends. We loved how it gave us so many quirky and creative options to choose from.

9. Don’t rush challenge

The ‘Don’t Rush Challenge’ is a makeup brush challenge that got immense popularity and got viral all across the globe. The challenge is simple, all you have to do is flick the brush to your phone screen and then go from drab to fab within seconds. This challenge was quite entertaining and many celebrities and popular creators took part in it. So many people also gave this challenge their own twist and instead of a makeup brush, they created videos like ‘pass the selfie’, ‘pass the pocha‘ and many more. We love when creators give their unique twist to a challenge!

10. Main Tera

One of the major reasons behind loving social media is the kind of trends that go viral every other day. For the last few weeks, the one song that’s playing in everyone’s mind is the Kalank title track. ‘Main Tera‘ has resurfaced and everyone is making innovative Reels with it. This song going viral was the perfect cherry on top to all the innovative trends that took the Internet by storm.

Well, there you go! Amongst so many things that went viral this year, these trends and challenges surely top our list. 2020 hasn’t been the best year but such social media trends made it better for all of us. How many of these have you tried? Tell us in comments below!

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