Don’t we all try to replicate iconic characters, scenes and dialogues of well-known movies? Almost, every movie has a signature character and scene that stands out. Whether it’s action, drama, romance or comedy, you’re sure to find a classic character or scene that people love to recreate. So, to feed the filmy keeda in us, these creators flawlessly recreated some epic scenes and characters from our all-time favourite movies. Here’s a look back to some of these iconic, super-hit characters and scenes with an influencer twist to it!

Check them out:

1. Anisha Dixit – DDLJ ki Simran

Isn’t it every girl’s filmy fantasy to dance in the snow with their ‘Raj’ on the peppy tracks of DDLJ? It’s ours for sure! ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ is a super hit classic love story that is not just remembered for its iconic dialogues, locations and songs but also for the characters Raj and Simran. Anisha lived her DDLJ moment in Switzerland with her Raj, Caleb. In this Reel, they look like a perfect Bollywood jodi and we absolutely love their chemistry.

2. Ronit Ashra – PK

We can’t get enough of how hilarious and comical this movie is! We all know how the character of PK was so unique and creative. Ronit is a well-known creator whose mimicry is on-point. His phenomenal timing, looks and acting skills make him one of the most entertaining creators out there. This scene from the movie always makes us laugh hard and we strongly feel that Ronit could be the perfect lead for the sequel of PK, if it is ever made. 😛

3. Shruti Sinha Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gum ki Poo

Kaun hai yeh, jisne doobara mud ke mujhe nahi dekha? Who is he? There are many things that make K3G a popular movie. From the dialogues and songs to the on-screen chemistry of some of our fave celebrities. However, what stands out and steals the show is the character of ‘Poo’. Tbh, Shruti has imbibed the character so well. She has recreated a number of Bollywood characters, but this one is the best.  Shruti looks super chic and sassy, exactly how Poo was!

4. Shivani Bafna – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ki Anjali

Yes, best friends do fight on the stupidest of things, but in the end, they will always be there for each other. Back in those days, Rahul and Anjali were without a doubt the definition of best friends and their friendship was straight-up goals! Shivani is a big-time Bollywood fan and she has managed to perfectly recreate this iconic movie poster with Shyam. They just made us fall in love with them all over again!

5. Sameeksha Sud – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ki Anjali

Rahul is a cheaterrrr! Yes, the basketball match scene is something that we can never forget in this movie. Doesn’t Sameeksha look just like Anjali with the basketball? Tbh, she looks like she is all set to win a match against Rahul! 😛

6. Aanam Chashmawala – Kapoor & Sons ki Tia

Well, we all know Aanam is a phenomenal content creator, her video series of replicating the looks of some iconic characters and songs is something we are hooked to ever since she created them. This one stands out the most as we feel Aanam looks exactly like Alia Bhatt and we totally love it!

So, by now we are sure these posts would have taken you on a journey of experiencing and remembering these iconic characters, movies and songs. We totally connected to these posts and loved how each and every creator was super creative and unique. Which character recreation is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

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