5 Rising Stars of Netflix In 2020

5 Rising Stars of Netflix In 2020

Pallavi Manoj

Never has there been a year with more uncertainty, more ups, and downs than this one! While the streets were empty, minds were filled with commotion, and routing us through that, has been entertainment. Looking at the positive side, Netflix and pajamas have always been a perfect match and each one of us got to live the dream this year! As we binged our way through 2020, there were some actors that did so phenomenally well – it left a mark! We’re certain that this next generation of actors are here to slay and will continue doing so. As we bid adieu to this year, let’s meet the stars who’ve started to take over the world, one step at a time.

Rohit Saraf

We can safely say that even 2020 is crushing on Rohit Saraf! With back-to-back releases on Netflix, Ludo, and Mismatched, this young actor has stolen hearts and commanded the screen. Cannot wait for him to do more films/series. Also, can we already have the second season of Mismatched? We need more of Rishi in our lives! Netflix, are you listening?

PS: I had totally predicted that Rohit is going to become the internet’s man-crush even before Mismatched released, so I guess I’m a psychic now!

Aaditi Pohankar

With a power-packed performance in Netflix’s She, Aaditi Pohankar managed to impress and catch the attention of everyone that watched the series. She holds her ground in every scene, we’re tuned in for what she has in store for us next! Whether on the big screen or on our computer screen, she looks like someone who we can look forward to!

Tripti Dimri

We always knew those eyes and smile were a deadly combination. After making her debut in the 2017 film Poster Boys, Tripti Dimri rose to fame with Netflix’s Bulbul produced by none other than Anushka Sharma. We couldn’t stop starring at her in this aesthetically pleasing film. Go watch the film if you don’t believe us!

Monika Panwar

With a stellar impression in Jamtara: Sabka Number Ayega, Monika became well-known in almost every household in the country. The series garnered lots of love. Monika was also briefly seen in Class of ‘83, another Netflix film!

Masaba Gupta

Who doesn’t know Masaba Gupta? Designer extraordinaire now turned actress! PS: We love stalking her on Instagram! Little did we know that she is an ace actress too. She completely took us by surprise in Masaba Masaba. The series was all things fun with Neena Gupta added to the mix,  the perfect cherry on top! Again, Netflix… what about a season 2?

Who is your favourite among these wonderful actors? Let us know!