We come across various creators who are extremely talented and unique in their own way. These creators and influencers are popular on various social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. Amidst all the entertaining videos they shoot individually, various creators often come together to create thumb-stopping and out of the world content. One such creator group is Atrangz, they are full of energy and are super atrangi with their content.  Atrangz is a family of 4, Awez Darbar, Nagma Mirajkar, Anam Darbar and Zaid Darbar. They create engaging as well as fun content together. Moreover, they are one of the best squads that you will come across. Here are a few reasons that will attract you towards this out of ordinary enthu gang. So, check them out right here!

Check them out:

1. Doing viral challenges together

Have you ever seen a squad that is so crazy and entertaining? Together, they are simply bomb.com! They collaborate and participate in almost all the viral challenges with a unique twist of their own. Seeing them together always makes us wanna be a part of their craziness too!

2. Creating entertaining content

You will always see the Atrangz dancing, acting and collaborating with each other to create different and seamless videos. This video is one such example of them creating super fun and cute content together. The ‘Types of Dancers’ video is just so relatable and full of comedy. Be it Instagram or YouTube, they are all so comfortable with each other and that’s what we love about them the most!

3. Fun workout sessions

Well, who wouldn’t wanna workout if the session is as fun and cute as this one! #Anwez is looking super adorable, their videos together always manage to melt our hearts. We are totally gushing over Atrangz and how pure their bond is.

4. They pull really funny pranks on one another

The Atrangz squad is a pro when it comes to pulling each other’s leg! We often see a bunch of funny prank videos that make us ROFL. This post is just one such example of the squad making a poppat of the other in a very cute way. Raise your hand if you think pulling pranks on each other is one of the best parts of friendship! 😛

5. Their birthday posts are heart-touching

This phenomenal group has a very strong and emotional relation, they are a happy family and we see them post and celebrate each other’s birthdays. Yet, again this is one such example of Zaid’s birthday post by Anam. All of their captions are just so heart-warming and full of love and every time we see it we go on an emo ride of emotions.

6. They travel together

AtrangzXDubai, their vacation pictures and videos are to die for! We can surely say that they had a gala time together. Watching them visit new places and create some amazing memories was just breathtaking. Tbh, with their content, we defo went on a virtual tour to Dubai and thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

7. Their dance videos are LIT

All the Atrangz members are phenomenal dancers and their moves are just too smooth. We love to see them groove on all the funky and peppy Bollywood numbers. This one is an example of how their dancing and expressions always set the stage on fire. This makes us wanna wear our dancing shoes and follow their lead!

8. They are a family

One post can defo not justify how much love they have for one another! We always come across the squad being there and encouraging each other always. This is a glimpse of how they are truly a happy family and we all wish to find a squad just like Atrangz, isn’t it?

Their love and belongingness for each other is what makes Atrangz a super special squad and we love them. They are #friendshipgoals and we would love to see what else they have in store for us. Is your squad as lit and fun as theirs? We would wanna know in the comments below!

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