Millions of people on this planet take up dance as a full-time profession. There are superb dancers who set our Instagram feed on fire with their dance moves. One such talented dancer and creator we know is Aadil Khan! He is not only a great actor but also a fabulous dancer. His routines are full of energy and easy to follow. Aadil dances like no one is watching and we are totally hooked to his videos on his YouTube channel. So, we have created a special list of amazing collabs he did with celebrities from the industry.

1. Aadil Khan x Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty is known for her thumkas and is one of the most graceful dancers in the industry. We all know her expressions are to die for! This quick fun TikTok dance video collab with this diva was simply phenomenal. Their dance moves and expressions are on point and we can’t help but watch them all the time!

2. Aadil Khan x Norah Fatehi

Aadil’s collab with the queen of dance Norah Fatehi literally had us shook! Their energy-filled routine on #NaachMeriRani was a treat to watch and we couldn’t take our eyes off this combo even for a second. Their dance instantly got viral and was loved by all.

3. Aadil Khan x Sara Ali Khan & Kartik Aaryan

Our exceptional dancer, Aadil also collaborated with Sara Ali Khan & Kartik Aaryan, isn’t this just mind-blowing? Aadil’s #DoItWithATwist video took the internet by storm and we found this video super cute and entertaining.

4. Aadil Khan x Sunny Leone

This collab was a LIT one! Sunny Leone and Aadil’s dance on ‘Hello Ji’ instantly got viral on social media. This was one of their cutest videos and tbh, watching them groove will make you wanna get up and dance yourself.

5. Aadil Khan x Nushrat Bharucha

If you haven’t seen this yet, then what are you waiting for? #DeedaarDe is a peppy Bollywood number and Aadil’s choreography with the talented and dynamic Nushrat Barucha had us hooked to the video. Their easy-going and smooth dance moves made us fall in love with this video.

6. Aadil Khan x Daisy Shah

Apart from dancing, Aadil has a killer swag as well. His collaboration with the most gorgeous and insanely energetic Daisy Shah took us by surprise. We couldn’t stop grooving on the song and also were watching the video on repeat to learn this fun choreography.

7. Aadil Khan x Divya Khosla Kumar

Divya Khosla Kumar, a multi-talented actress collaborated with Aadil Khan and together their dance on #TeriAankhonMein created magic on stage. We totally got lost in their expressions and stunning dance routine.

8. Aadil Khan x Neha Kakkar

Aadil and Neha Kakkar’s power-packed dance defo shook us. We absolutely loved watching them shake a leg together and would love to see them collab more in the near future.

9. Aadil Khan x Mouni Roy

Mouni is known for her grace and adaayein and her collaboration with Aadil was a full blockbuster performance! Every time they tap their feet and danced we danced along with them.

10. Aadil Khan x Elli AvrRam

Yet again, Aadil’s collaboration with Ellie AvrRamis something that took our breath away and burnt the dance floor. They are both terrific dancers individually and together it was nothing but a dhamakedar performance.

Aadil’s dance collaborations with celebrities have surely stolen our hearts! Not just with their killer moves but also because of how easy they are to follow. Which celebrity would you like to watch Aadil collab with? Let us know in the comments below.

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