8 Ways Your Handwriting Reveals Your Inner Self

8 Ways Your Handwriting Reveals Your Inner Self

Pooja Maheshwary

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that one’s handwriting is unique just like one’s fingerprint is. Moreover, many graphologists believe that one’s handwriting can impact certain areas of life like relationships, health and career.  Graphology, the study of handwriting, states that one’s current state of mind, emotions and desires are reflected in the way one writes. And one has the power to transform their situation by making some simple changes.

To understand more about this, we reached out to Mahhima Kottary, a Mumbai-based Graphologist. Mahhima says,

Graphology gives an unbiased view of the person as it does not discriminate against any social factors. It is a mixture of art and science. Size, pressure, slant, spacing are some of the important measures that are taken into consideration. It’s not about how good or bad your handwriting looks but about the curves, dots, pressure, alignment, spacing, etc. within your handwriting that helps a graphologist study a person.According to Mahhima, changes in your personality too will reflect in your handwriting. While many people are of the opinion that graphology is not predictive, she believes it can tell if a person has integrity, emotional balance, willpower, emotional depth, and other such traits. She explains what our handwriting reveals about us. Scroll down to read all about it.

1. All About The Pressure

When the pressure of your handwriting is heavy, it means you react quickly, have a hyperactive nature, and may even be aggressive. A light pressure indicates you have a balanced mind and a sense of understanding of right and wrong.

2. Size Matters

The size of the letters can tell a lot about a person. People with long letters want others to accept them, understand them and seek a lot of validation. If the size of the letters is small then it reflects that the person is creative, has good leadership skills, and is able to concentrate well.

3. Health Indicator

Handwriting can be an early indicator for certain diseases and it is advisable to take the right medical treatment along with making certain changes to the handwriting. It can also reveal if the person has high energy or low energy, is dehydrated or hydrated by looking at their loops.

4. Colour Of The Ink

The colour that a person prefers to write with—blue, black or red—can also tell a lot about them.

5. Spaces Between WordsWide spaces between words mean the person needs some space. Narrow spaces between words indicate a need to be with someone who understands them.

6. Loops

If there are a lot of loops in letters like ‘g’, ‘p’ or ‘y’, then the writer is impatient, hurried and emotionally not balanced.

A wide-looped ‘l’ suggests they go with the flow, while a narrow ‘l’ means they might be restricting themselves and are conscious of a lot of things.

7. SlantA right slant means the person likes to meet and work with new people and explore new opportunites, while a left slant means they prefer to keep to themselves and are an introvert.

8. Pointedness Or Roundness

Are your letters pointed or rounded? Pointed or sharp letters show aggression and round letters show creative abilities.

What are your thoughts on handwriting and its analysis? Please share it with us in the comments below!

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