Nowadays, social media platforms play a crucial role in our daily lives! They open up a whole new world for creators by giving them the perfect opportunity to go all out and showcase their super entertaining and creative content online. However, a few of them make it through the clutter simply because of their engaging and hatke content. If you are looking for some new and fresh talent on your feed then here are a few upcoming content creators who caught our attention in their own unique way.

Here they are:

1. Rohit Jethwani a.k.a @juniorjethu

Rohit is surely one of the most energetic and graceful dancers we know! His ‘Makhna‘ video blew up on the internet and everyone went bonkers looking at his expressions. In simple words, Rohit’s dance moves are fab and we can’t wait to try out his new choreographies.

2. Pranali Mistry a.k.a @_pranalimistry_

Who said one can not create minimalistic yet fab looks? Pranali is a super talented model-creator, who is a fashion enthusiast. Her celebrity and famous characters’ recreation looks have kept us hooked to her feed for hours. What we like about her is that her content is pretty simple and real.

3. Karthik Abhiram a.k.a @karthikabhiram

Karthik Abhiram is a rising star whose artwork is just phenomenal! His content is creative and very interesting to scroll through. So, if you wish to see some amazing sketches and photographs then head over to his profile right now. You’ll find truck-loads of artistic inspo there!

4. Atulan & Divesh a.k.a @honey.imm.home

Atulan and Divesh are all about the adventures! They are happy souls who create content to showcase their zest for life, dance and travel. hey are trained in a number of dance forms and it’s pathbreaking. We really love how their content spreads love and positivity everywhere.

5. Anindita Chatterjee a.k.a @travel.chatter

Around the world in 80 days! Surely Anindita a.k.a Travel chatter will make this statement come true very soon. If you love travelling then you have to check out her journeys and experiences. We love how she is always on her toes, exploring and creating content for her fans to travel with her virtually.

6. Vaishali Srivastava a.k.a @srivastavajii

Popularly known as Srivastavajii, she is a creator whose expertise lies in fashion. We love how she experiments and creates practical as well as reasonable styling looks. Oh, If you are all about styling, then her feed will make you wanna try out all her different looks ASAP!

7. Parul Kakad a.k.a @mumbaimummy

Parul Kakad is a super mom with an army of 4 children. We love how she balances motherhood and content creation so beautifully. Sharing her rollercoaster journey and experiences, she connects to many mothers out there. In simple words, she and her content are very inspiring and full of positivity.

8. Suruj Pankaj Rajkhowa a.k.a @glorious_luna

An actor and an androgynous model, he is truly a diva! His content is very artistic and creative. Also, what can we even say about his photoshoots and makeup skills? They are really inspiring and to die for. Not just that, this talented creator also runs the queer carnival and we are so proud of his achievements.

9. Pavithra Chari a.k.a @pavithra.chari

Pavithra’s voice is just too good, we can’t get over her melodious voice and unique music. Her cover series is something that we get lost in and keep playing it on repeat. She motivates everyone out there to do what they love and is passionate about.

10. Rashmi Bhosale a.k.a @rashmi_bhosale

Rashmi is a creator who solely promotes sustainable fashion through her content. Her wardrobe is all about #MaximizeMyCloset and what we love about her is her creative DIY’s! She knows how to transform a look in just a few simple tricks and we defo need to learn this from her content.

There you go! This list is full of amazing budding content creators who will surely keep you entertained with their unique and fresh work. You should check them all out right away!

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