10 Things You Can Do Today For A Happy & Healthy Start To The Week

10 Things You Can Do Today For A Happy & Healthy Start To The Week

Natasha Patel

Today is the first official work week of 2021. And while most of us are sad that the long weekend’s over, anxious about what the new year has in-store for us or just feeling like procrastinating and very lethargic about most things, here are a couple of ways you can begin this new week. Psst, this will give you motivation for the weeks to come as well!

1. Move!

Walking has most recently been a magical escape for me. Whether your an early riser or post-work kinda gal, taking a walk once a day is a must—you can even walk to your local grocery shop or tailor shop! But the point here being to get up, and move your body.

2. Find an accountability buddy

Talking from experience, the only way I ever get back into the fitness groove (after having a hella’ long break off) is to have someone else to hold you accountable for your new goals. This is guaranteed to help you take the steps you need to get back into your healthy routine.
*PSA: Ask your mom or sibling to join you, it can be a lot of fun too!

3. Ask yourself: What do I truly want to achieve this year?

As each year moves on by, I most always make a wish at midnight… This year instead of making a statement into the vast realms of the universe, I thought I’d ask a question… What do I truly desire and hope to achieve this year? As daunting of a question as it may seem, the answer/s will most likely be a guiding light to whatever your end goal is… And if you don’t get/have an answer, that’s totally fine too. Because when the question can slowly absorb into your thoughts and being, you’ll start to visualise the answer to that question.

4. Skip the calories, not the nutrition

Feeding the mind, body and soul, isn’t just a saying… As a matter of a fact most of us just feed the belly and stop there. But this is a year for small but significant changes. If you’re trying to get your health in check and start eating right, you don’t have to do it all at once. Focus on each meal instead of calorie-counting your day’s total. Does that smoothie at breakfast or the brown rice really helping you feel lighter and better overall?

5. Don’t be a hoarder

Marie Kondo your life… Ok let’s just start with your desk. It could be any… a work/study desk, a side table or an old shelf. But start the “I don’t need this right now” pile and then at the end, donate/throw it all out. You’ll automatically feel lighter… Not to mention your living space area will already feel so much nicer.

6. Plug-in & zone out

Whether a podcast or your Spotufy playlist, plug those earphones in and zone out the clutter and noise from your mind. This is kinda like what I’d like to call my meditation class for that 1 hour (while I go for a walk) so that I clear my mind.

7. Self-care everyday

Indulge in what most of the beauty and fashion influencers and build a ‘routine’. You have no idea how your skin and body will soon thank you. You can gua-sha your way to bed every night or face mask while Netflixing and eating a bowl of pasta—the options of “self-care” are endless… You just need to take the time out to do it!

8. Check-in with yourself

Be your own therapist/mentor and check-in with yourself weekly, if not daily. This helps you not overthink, over analyse and hold yourself accountable for your day-to-day tasks.

9. Treat yourself

Let me just say it once and for all—cheat days are okay! Treat yourself to icecreams, mid-week spa days, mani-pedis and just about anything that will make your heart and soul happy, and keep it healthy too.

10. Shake it off

We all have our “off days”—whether it’s with a cheat meal, your daily meditation, your self-care routine or otherwise. But the trick is for it to never derail you off course. Stick to it, see it through and come out the other side victorious.

Oh and one last thing… Smile 😊

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