'Prada' Singer Shreya Sharma Talks About Her New Romantic Song 'Tera Nasha'

Avya Sharma , 07 Jan 2021
Shreya Sharma
Shreya Sharma

Born in Vellore, Shreya Sharma started her musical training at the age of four. The singer went on to attend a boarding school in Dehradun after which pursued her higher studies in New York. The young singer was the voice behind the track Prada featuring Alia Bhatt which went on to break records. Now, the talented singer has recently dropped her new romantic song titled ‘Tera Nasha’. I got a chance to interact with the talented artist recently where she spoke about her recent release and all things music.

Here are the excerpts from the interview—

Tell us about your latest song Tera Nasha.

Tera nasha is about the feeling of falling in love. In the beginning of any relationship there’s nervousness, butterflies and a fear of letting go. Diesby and I have tried to capture that essence while keeping the production new age. We really wanted to play with a saxophone drop and I really hope people enjoy it!

How was your experience shooting for the video?

It was actually a really fun video to shoot! There was a house party and while I’d be shooting everyone else was just partying it up! We also made sure to only have two looks because we wanted the video to look young and fun.

The Prada song was a rage, how come we didn’t get to hear more of you post that?

So I was actually working on a lot of music post-Prada but by the time I had my ducks in a row, the pandemic hit and well the world as we knew it kinda changed. It wasn’t very safe to shoot for a while. We shot ‘ladka baimaan’ and ‘tera nasha’ altogether and then I quarantined myself for 14 days. For the longest time, the songs were just audio clips on Whatsapp and I’m extremely grateful that today they are out there for people to see.

What is your take on indie music in today’s time?

I really do believe that indie music is the future and honestly the present. When films stopped releasing people relied more on indie music and cinema to get them through the lockdown. I’m extremely excited to see how the scene is growing!

Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming projects?

I have a romantic track in the works and am also working on an uptempo fun track.

Now, we sure cannot wait to hear more from Shreya in the coming times!

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