10 Reels By Niharika NM That Made Us Say "It Me"

Kavisha Mody , 08 Jan 2021
Relatable Reels By Niharika NM (Source: Instagram | @niharika_nm)
Relatable Reels By Niharika NM (Source: Instagram | @niharika_nm)

In today’s day and age, there are a plethora of talented content creators around us. Time and again they wow us away with their unique content and relatable sketches. However, only a few have that reliability factor which makes us connect with their content on a different level. One of such creators is Niharika NM, a creator who shot to fame because her content is next-level relatable. She posts a lot of Reels on her Instagram page and all of them hit us differently! She recently crossed 1 million followers because surely many of us find her videos accurate. Here are 10 Reels that hit us right in the feels and had us screaming “it me”!

Check it out:

1. Day-dreaming in school

If you have never spent your school hours day-dreaming, then you are lying! After watching ‘Main Hoon Naa‘ all of us have been through this at least once. Also, did you even go to an Indian school if your teacher didn’t say ‘this is the worst batch ever’? :P

2. Viral challenges Ft. mummy

This Reel absolutely had us in splits! It’s so relatable and accurate because surely if our mothers hear the lyrics ‘make love on Monday’, one flying-chappal will come our way. We love how Niharika is able to pick up day-to-day household situations and create her videos around that.

3. Road rage

Almost all of us who drive have been in this situation at least once and we see this happening in our country every day. She’s absolutely hit the right chords with this Reel cuz’ tbh, this is literally how I behave when anyone tries to get in the wrong lane or overtakes me.

4. Spontaneous plans and brown parents

Have your parents gone back and forth for days about giving permission to you for a plan or is your household normal? :P This Reel literally depicts har ghar ki kahaani because my parents certainly don’t give permission to ANY spontaneous plans. If you ever wanna go out with me, I’ll need 3 business days minimum to acquire permission!

5. A sincere request

We felt his Reel in our bones because it’s so annoying when people flip book pages like this! All of us have experienced this in school when a few teachers flipped pages like this. The slurping noise is so uncomfortable, isn’t it?

6. There’s always that one friend

There’s always that one picture where we look like ‘supandi‘ and there’s always that one friend who would post that picture anyway. Honestly, we’ve sent this Reel to so many of our friends because this literally happens every time we go out. Y’all have such friends too, don’t you?

7. One-way street this is

This Reel just never gets old! This is one of Niharika’s most popular videos because sis straight-up spilling facts in it. We absolutely love how she never fails to portray her real self on social media. That authentic quality of hers makes her quite relatable.

8. To everyone who always replies late

Let’s all agree that there’s always that one friend who replies so late that we don’t even feel like replying to them anymore. I am gonna go ahead and send this Reel to so many people I know, lol. Btw, we love how Niharika says rascal, it’s a vibe!

9. When you are not paying attention in class

Let’s just agree, all of us have done this at least once! This Reel really reminds us of all the good old school days and we are loving this factor of nostalgia.

10. Aggressive dance teachers

Again, this Reel straight-up reminds us of the good old schooling days. Remember practising for annual days and having teachers yell at you for not getting the steps? It’s amazing how Niharika is able to pick up such situations and converts them into relatable content.

While all of her content is super creative and accurate, these Reels are our absolute favourites! We can’t get enough of her content and are absolutely hooked to her videos. Time and again she manages to blow us away with authentic and relatable work. Which Reel of hers can you connect with most with? Tell us in comments below!

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