I’m not gonna lie, when Reels launched earlier last year, I was pretty sceptical about how to use it and why one needed yet another added piece of “content” to curate and make time for. But here we are, 6 months into the launch of Reels on Instagram and man, oh man, does it bring me joy!

Reels is essentially a 15-30 second video that helps you drive a certain message across to your audience in a limited period of time with the use of fun edits, music, filters and effects. Think of it as a trailer to what you’d seen on an IGTV or video post. This snackable content is something that many people, influencers and actors have incorporated into their daily IG posting schedule… Myself included—I’m hooked and love creating my IG Reels! But as much as I love creating, I love watching all the amazing ones on my explore page too. From life hacks to style and beauty to just about any home decor tip and trick, people really know come up with some really, really cool and consumable content!

Scroll down and check out a few of my favourites…

1. How To Repurpose An Empty Alcohol Bottle

2. How To Pose With Different Outfits In The Same Photo

3. How To Fold Hand Towels Like A Pro

4. How To Deflate & Reuse Balloons

5. DIY Marble Candles

6. How To Deep Clean Your Oven

7. How To Add Some Flare To Fake Lashes

8. How To Fake A Cropped Sweater Look

9. How To Get A Sleek Middle Part

10. How To Remove Piling From Your Clothes

11. How To Get Water Out Of Your iPhone

12. How To Repurpose Old Hair Containers

13. How To Get The Chicest Braid In Under 5-Minutes

Did you know any of these tips and tricks? I’m as amazed as you and super excited to try these out! Let me know which one you’ll try in the comments below!

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