Music is the universal language of love and everyone in this world has their own taste when it comes to music. We have always felt that good music plays a very important role in our lives—it connects people, inspires and motivates them and much more. Last year was tough for everyone but it was good music that kept us positive throughout the tough times. During this time, a lot of fabulous creators took over social media with their amazing musical Reels and trust us, we are literally hooked. If you are looking to hear some really feel-good music, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to find our fave musical Reels by some lovely content creators.

Here they are:

1. Sejal Kumar

Sometime during the lockdown, Sejal Kumar started ‘late-night karaoke sessions’ and posted them as Reels on Instagram. Her soothing vocals and amazing music are literally a blessing to this world. After a long day of work, we simply want to keep listening to her jam sessions ‘cuz her voice is simply phenomenal.

2. Tanzeel Khan

When Tanzeel Khan released his much-awaited track ‘My Sunflower’ he shared this beautiful BTS Reel and it has our heart. In the Reel, you can clearly catch him in his element and we have fallen in love with his music. Everything about this video is so beautiful, isn’t it?

3. Lisa Mishra

Okay, Blinding Lights by The Weeknd is our absolute favourite track and watching Lisa create a beautiful cover for it is such so soul-soothing. She has always managed to blow us away with her music but we have to admit, this Reel of hers has stolen our hearts.

4. Siddhant Bhosle

Surely, all of us know this track because it took quite some rounds on Instagram. However, Siddhant creating his very own cover for it has simply blown us away. His vocals are so addictive that we can’t get enough of his music.

5. Sushant Divgikar

What can we even say about Sushant Divgikar? He is a multi-talented creator who has excelled in ways we cannot even imagine. He regularly posts his song covers as Reels and we absolutely love how diverse and dynamic he is. This one especially is our favourite purely because of his strong vocals!

6. Karan Nawani

This Reel by Karan Nawani is simply a blessing on our feed because it’s so good. It’s not only an amazing cover of a very popular song but also has aesthetically appealing visuals. Also, this music is quite a classic and all of us enjoy listening to it, don’t we?

7. Ritu Agarwal

Ritu Agarwal is one of the most popular musicians and content creators in the country. She has always managed to wow us with her unique sense of style and soulful voice. We are big fans of this particular Reel ‘cuz she not only sings but also plays the keys so well!

8. Shraddha Sharma

Shraddha’s music covers are literally a treat to our ears! At such an early age, she has managed to achieve unspeakable popularity solely because of her talent and passion for music. We really like this Reel of hers as we get to watch her sing unfiltered and it’s straight-up lovely.

9. Viepsa

Viepsa is a talented singer and creator whose videos have been making rounds on the internet for all the right reasons. Her voice is simply so phenomenal that we can’t get enough of her music. This is exactly the kind of fresh talent our music industry needs!

10. Antara Nandy

Antara Nandy’s voice is straight-up angelic! This Reels of hers left us completely shook as she is so spot-on. She is truly changing the course of music, one Reel at a time. Trust us, you’ll get hooked to her voice in no time.

Well, there you go! All of them are supremely talented content creators and even better singers/musicians. We absolutely love how they never shy away from showcasing their real self on social media platforms. We hope these musical Reels made your day better!

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