We frequently come across talented content creators and influencers who are taking over social media with their unique ideas and concepts. These individuals make sure to connect and engage with their audience by giving them something to look forward to. One such comedy star is Nikunj Lotia a.k.a @beyounick, who is famous amongst the youth for his funny and relatable content. Be YouNick has collaborated with many superb creators and stars. Tbh, we thoroughly enjoy his content and it gets us ROFLing! Here are a few insane creator collaborations that we enjoyed watching and gave us major feels.

Here they are:

1. Be YouNick x MostlySane

When two ultimate entertainers collab, then the outcome is nothing less than a ‘blockbuster‘ performance. This Reel of Nick and Prajakta Koli is simply relatable and mind-blowing. I am sure we all have been on either side once in our lifetime, amirite? How do these two manage to be so natural and accurate every time!

2. Be YouNick x Ananya Birla

Oh, what can we even say about this one? We love how Nick picks up the most common idea and gives it his own twist. Moreover, he makes it real to another level. This lockdown really made it impossible for us to meet our friends and this Reel really is a perfect example of how lockdown relationships are. If you haven’t seen it yet then you should check it out now!

3. Be YouNick x Barkha Singh

This one is my personal fave! Old school love always makes my heart skip a beat. Barkha Singh and Nick’s acting is super adorable. Also, what stands out here is his amazing voice. Have you heard him sing before? If not, then this Reel will take you by surprise and trust me you will fall in love with him all over again!

4. Be YouNick x Tanisha Bhandary

This video is super hilarious and true! All those who sleep while watching a movie react exactly like Nick, isn’t it? I have watched this video on loop and every time I do, it cracks me up.

5. Be YouNick x Anjali Barot, Pratik Gandhi & Rahul Nair

This Reel was truly a BIG “scam”! 😛 The way Nick jumped on this viral trend with his own relatable version is simply outstanding. Also, we love how he involves his friends to create natural and epic content.

6. Be YouNick x Ruhee Dosani

Ruhee and Nick’s combo is just too good. They are extremely talented creators who believe in creating unique, creative and out-of-the-box content. This Reel was simply amazing, hitting us right in the feels. I really wish I could be a part of it too! 😛

7. Be YouNick x Viraj Ghelani

You cannot miss watching this Reel while scrolling through Nick’s feed. It is simply hilarious and SO accurate. We would love to see Viraj and Be YouNick collab again and create some amazing and fun videos in the future.

We absolutely love your content Nick and we find your collaborations super funny and relatable. Your timing and comic sense are so on point! Check out all his collabs with different creators for your daily dose of LOLs.

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