I Walked 10,000 Steps For Ten Days & Here’s What I Experienced

I Walked 10,000 Steps For Ten Days & Here’s What I Experienced

Mallika Jhaveri

Staying at home has taken a toll on our daily movement. We no longer have to walk to a bus-stop, stride through station platforms or climb up the stairs in our office building. It is clear that we didn’t pick the sedentary lifestyle, the sedentary lifestyle chose us. I felt myself barely moving about everyday and I knew I had to change that. I had to get moving! So, just like every Instagram post and fitness influencer told me to, I decided to clock in 10,000 steps everyday. For ten days I went on long walks, walked around a lot more in my house and wore a fitness band to check my progress.

Here’s What I Experienced Walking 10000 Steps For 10 Days:

1. Taking 10,000 Steps Is Not That Hard

While 10,000 steps may seem like a whole lot, it isn’t. Walking around my house for 40 minutes over the day and going for an hour-long walk in my neighbourhood did the trick! When it came to my house, I kept the things I reach for often, like a jar of nuts, my chargers and notebooks in different rooms and corners. So I had to walk to get to them and also put them back. Little things like these added to my step tally and I didn’t even realise it!

2. My Bloating Reduced

Like every other person, I bloat. Sometimes it’s after a meal and most times it’s random. However, I did notice a significant reduction in my bloating the past ten days. The 10,000 steps did lessen it. You know that feeling of sheer annoyance when you randomly bloat? It went away because so did my bloating! This genuinely motivated me to take my daily 10,000 steps more than anything.

3. I Was More Energetic

It’s safe to say, I had a pump in my step. Maybe it was because I was moving around more, but I felt more energetic and active. Usually, my energy levels dip post lunch, but this past week, they didn’t. I noticed this change in energy from the second day itself. I was more attentive and focused as well.

4. I Fell Asleep Quicker

Usually it takes me an hour or so to fall asleep once I lay down, but during these past ten days I was able to sleep in under 30 minutes. Some days I fell asleep in literally ten minutes! I didn’t make any other life-style changes except upping my daily steps, so I figured that there must be some connection. Being able to sleep quickly is a real gift and I was more than happy to receive it.

5. My Legs Were Quite Sore

One of the downsides of my daily 10,000 step challenge was my sore legs. Despite adequate stretching, I was feeling quite sore. This soreness only lasted on-and-off for a week, and in the last couple of days I barely felt it! Going from (barely) 1,000 to 10,000 steps overnight was a shock to my system and turns out the soreness was normal. But the more I walked, the less I felt sore.

6. 10000 Steps Required Serious Commitment

Taking 10,000 steps was easy, but it did require commitment. Even though it was an hour or so, it was hard to squeeze into my day! I had to account for my work, household chores, innate laziness and more. I found that setting out a particular time for my daily outdoor walks worked best for me. So, every evening around 7 p.m., I went for a walk.

7. My Weight Stayed The Same

I won’t lie, I was hoping my weight would change a little, but it did not. I weigh the exact same as I did ten days earlier. However, I don’t mind that because I feel so much better! My mood is great, I’m less bloated and I look forward to my daily walks. Maybe my weight will change down the line, but even if it doesn’t, I will not stop walking.

Clocking in 10,000 steps daily is a must according to me. It’s easy, requires no equipment and gets you going (literally)! What are your views on this? Share it with us in the comments below!

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