The Bigg Boss house on Tuesday might have been a tad chaotic with a lot of housemates getting into fights, but to balance it all out, we also saw a cute moment thanks to Sonali Phogat and Aly Goni.

In the episode, Arshi Khan was seen pulling Sonali’s leg by asking her to stare into Eijaz Khan and Aly Goni’s eyes. To this, Sonali replied saying she could only do that with Eijaz and not Aly. On the other hand, Eijaz refused to participate in this activity and Aly insisted on paticipating. But Sonali refused. Later, she was seen telling Arshi, “Mujhe ye sab nhi karna chahiye na (I shouldn’t be doing all this, right)? I did not feel like this earlier. But something has happened.”

She went on to add that Aly loves Jasmin Bhasin and that there is no chance he will reciprocate her feelings. Eijaz was also seen lending her an ear as she told him, “Mujhe pata hai ye cheesein mere liye nahi hai, but feelings hain (I know this is not for me, but there are feelings).” He later explained to her that it’s okay to have feelings and that she doesn’t need to act upon it.

Now, almost everyone in the house were interested in this conversation and Rahul Vaidya and Rakhi Sawant also joined the conversation. Rahul asked what changed, and if it was because of Arshi’s task, and Sonali said yes. Sharing her thoughts, Rakhi chimed in saying that there may not be a chance of a relationship, but that this feeling of love can help Sonali see things in a different perspective. Replying to that, Sonali says, “Tabse lag raha hai meri duniya hi badal gai (Feels like my world has changed since then).”

Listening to all this, Aly blushes and says that he finds this sweet. He covers his face with his hands and says “Oh God, that’s so cute!”. He even danced with Sonali as Rahul sang Teri Aankhon Ke Siwa.

This sure is cute, no? A little harmless love is just what the house needed to cool things off!