Well, all of us surely agree that 2020 has been a difficult year for most of us. Due to the worldwide pandemic, all major countries went into a lockdown and our movement was restricted. In a time like this, we couldn’t go out to meet our friends and relatives or roam around freely. However, some of our favourite content creators came to our rescue and made this period entertaining for all of us. Even though creating content was quite challenging during this time, these creators managed to find a way to do so. They kept their audience engaged and entertained with their creative ideas, challenges and epic collaborations! So, here’s a list of our fave virtual collabs by some talented creators who made our 2020 entertaining.

Check them out:

1. Sejal Kumar & Aashna Hegde

This was a collab we did not see coming and it absolutely blew us away! These stunning and talented girls posted one collab video each on their respective YouTube channels and trust us, it was so much fun to watch them interact. They recreated super model outfits and took the outfit challenge together. This was a collab we did not know we needed!

2. Barkha Singh, Ayush Mehra & Ahsaas Channa

This virtual collaboration between Barkha, Ayush and Ahsaas was nothing short of epic and hilarious. All three of them have a fair experience of working on a set. So, we love how they drew ideas from their experiences and created this accurate and funny video. Shooting during the lockdown was indeed challenging, however, they pulled it off so seamlessly!

3. Ankush Bahuguna & Shibani Bedi

Ankush and Shibani have always been good friends and we have seen them collaborate before as well. However, this one is different, special and one of our favourites. Both of them experimented with a new genre and gave us content that is so soulful and thought-provoking. Their short-film, ‘Almost’ was entirely shot virtually and we are blown away by how well they pulled it off!

4. Be YouNick, Ashish Chanchlani, Nikhil Sharma & Harsh Beniwal

We are not even kidding, this is like our dream collab! Watching so many talented content creators come together and create something hilarious is so amazing. All 4 boys have a great sense of humour and watching them create this ‘Lockdown Meeting’ IGTV is nothing short of enjoyable! Surely all of us can relate, can’t we?

5. Team Naach

It’s safe to say that this was an epic collab! Last year, on World Dance Day, Team Naach decided to virtually bring together a whole host of talented creators. We absolutely loved watching them get carefree and groove with one another. Such wholesome collaborations really make us happy!

6. Anmol Sachar & Bhavika Motwani

Raise your hand if even you were hopelessly addicted to LUDO during the lockdown, we surely were! During this period, Anmol virtually collaborated with the talented Bhavika Motwani and created the most accurate yet hilarious video ever. Anmol managed to entertain his audience even during the hard times.

7. Mrunu & Anam Darbar

We all know that when it comes to makeup, mrunu is our queen! She made the stunning Anam Darbar play ‘Never Have I Ever’ and it was such a blast to watch them interact. When queens collab, you know it’s gonna be awesome, isn’t it? Their video truly entertained us in 2020.

These creative and unique collabs really kept us going in 2020. Watching such amazing artists come together is quite a treat, isn’t it? According to you, which creators should collaborate in 2021? We would love to know in comments below!

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