Anupam Kher is an actor who has time and again proved his versatility and flair for his craft. He has even made us proud globally with his many achievements. But the respect and the name he has gained for himself today is a result of the many early days where he has worked hard and struggled.

Recently, the actor featured along with his mother in a post for Humans Of Bombay. He spoke about his childhood, his mother who has shaped him to be the person he is today and about the videos he posts of her on his Instagram.

Speaking about his early days he says that he came from a humble background. His father made Rs. 90 a month and his mother had to sell her jewellery off to make sure he and his brother received proper education. He says that he himself came to Mumbai to pursue a career in films with just Rs. 37 in his pocket. He slept on the platform and never told his family back home about the struggles he went through.

He adds that even after he became a successful actor, his mother always just told him one thing and that is to be grounded and humble. He shares that once his father passed away, he got closer to him mom and she became his best friend. And ever since, she used to accompany him to award ceremonies where she used to chat. And one such chat he uploaded on Instagram randomly and realised it had gone viral. He says he later started putting up videos of his mother sharing her words of wisdom and discussing ‘everything under the sun’. Now, she’s super famous for her series on Instagram called #DulariRocks.

Talking about what she has to say about her popularity now, he shares:

And Mom didn’t know about it until people started recognising her on the streets–they’d ask for selfies! She wasn’t used to so much attention, so she confronted me, ‘Kya karta rehta hai tu?’ Now she’s become more vigilant, so I’ve started filming her sneakily. But whenever she sees me, the first thing she asks is,”aaj camera kaha chupa ke rakha hai?”

Dulari Aunty surely rocks, doesn’t she? We absolutely love this mother-son duo and can’t wait to see all that Anupam Ji has in store for us in the coming times!