We come across creators from different corners of the world on social media. But, the fact that they cross all boundaries to put their best foot forward is insane. With their engaging and out-of-the-box content, they are also winning the hearts of their fans. Hyderabad, also known as the ‘City of Pearls’ has some extremely talented and artistic creators. These creators and influencers weave magic with their content and keep us hooked to their feed. So, here’s a list of a few social media creators and influencers from Hyderabad who will take you on a ride with their creative and unique content.

Here they are:

1. Shanmukh Jaswanth Kandregula

Hyderabad too has its share of interesting profiles that we cannot get enough of, one of them is Shanmukh! A creator who is known for his series ‘Software Developer’, he has received immense love from his fans and today he has more than 2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. We are so proud of you Shanmukh, keep killin’ it with your talent.

2. Shreemayi Reddy

What can we even say about her? Her feed is full of stylish outfits that we’d love to own! We love how she experiments with her looks and always aces them. Did you know she is also a Co-Founder of an NGO called ‘Humanity For All’? The kind of dedication she shows towards her work and societal good is inspiring!

3. Deepthi Reddy

Damn, she is a vibrant and expressive artist whose talent speaks for her! With more than 1.7 million followers on Instagram, Deepthi has made a special place in the hearts of her fans. Tbh, we are hooked to her content and legit can’t stop scrolling through her feed. It is simply WOW!

4. Mehaboob Shaik

A multi-talented creator who is popular because of his YouTube channel ‘Mehaboob Dilse’. He was also, seen winning the hearts of his fans in ‘Big Boss Telegu 4‘. His content, in simple words, is totally fun to watch! Lastly, we would say that Mehaboob is the guru of style who is acing the digital space with his talent and skills.

5. Shagun Segan a.k.a @eattripclick

Shagun Segan is one of the most popular food and travel blogger from Hyderabad. He is a true foodie from the heart and his feed will defo give you a foodgasm! With over 140k followers on Instagram, he takes his fans on a virtual journey. What really stands out for us is the way he amalgamates travel, food, and photography all together like a pro.

6. Sowkya Reddy

Sowkya has always blown everyone away with her edgy style and creative ideas. Her feed is full of fun travel stories and pictures. We love how her casual attire also manages to give us a runway-ready feel. If you haven’t seen her profile yet then you are surely missing out on your daily dose of travel, fashion, and lifestyle!

7. Amit Bhawani

Amit is a tech and travel enthusiast whose videos are fun yet insightful. He has been professionally blogging and vlogging since 2003 and has garnered so much love from his fan base. Follow @TripRazer for all his travel expeditions and @PhoneRadar if you are a gadget lover.

8. Deepika Pilli

Deepika is taking blogging to a whole new level. Her sweet smile and bubbly nature makes her content stand out from the clutter. With more than 800k followers she has taken over social media with her vibrant and enthu self. Would love to see her spread more happiness and positivity.

9. Pranavi Manukonda

Pranavi is an actress-cum-TikTok star, whose videos are quite engaging and is undoubtedly amongst the best creators! Her confidence and impressive personality have made her famous on Instagram with over 600k followers. She gained huge popularity in a very less amount of time and we are so proud of her achievements, you go girl!

10. Swetha Naidu

It is always a delight to watch the dancing diva of Hyderabad, Swetha! Her dance moves are straight up-graceful, and every time we watch her dance we totally get lost in her expressions. Her YouTube channel ‘Dancing Divas’ is something that will make you wanna get up and dance with her!

11. Venkata Pranavi

If you are looking for a combination of fashion, dance and drama then you have to check out Venkata Pranavi’s feed. It’s the one-stop destination for your daily dose of entertainment. Everyone enjoys watching her Reels as they are fun and exciting and also because we can’t take our eyes off her cuteness.

12. Nandu Rami Setty

She is Hyderabad’s diva who clicks epic and unique self-portraits! Nandu Rami Setty knows how to beautify and amp up a simple picture and give it an aesthetic feel. We just can’t get enough of her feed and want to see more such amazing and creative content.

13. Shahrukh Khan a.k.a @hugmeimfamous

The talented YouTuber, well known for his channel ‘Hyderabad Diaries’ had received a Golden Play button from YouTube! With more than 1 million subscribers on his channel, he is setting the bars of content creation high. We are totally addicted to his content as it is so relatable and funny.

14. Laxmi Reddy

Being one of the well-known bloggers and creators in Hyderabad, Laxmi makes sure she is updated with her styles and trends. Take a closer look at her Instagram page to see how stylish and creative she is. Oh girl, how do you manage to look gorgeous in all your outfits?

15. Anudeep Baidya a.k.a @in.his.wardrobe

Well, his social media handle says it all, a wardrobe that all men would want to own! Anudeep’s content is super unique that gives us major styling goals. If you are looking for some fresh and edgy styling then his profile is worth having a look at.

16. Akanksha Kommirelly

A fab make-up artist whose YouTube channel has all types of looks from natural-looking to artistic ones. She is super talented and we love how her videos are easy to follow and execute!

17. Arpan a.k.a @eatoutdevout

Hyderabad is known for some finger-licking street foods. Arpan is all about good food and good life! His feed is full of fancy and wow-looking dishes that will make you drool instantly. If you are a big-time foodie then what are you waiting for? Head to his profile now for some mouth-watering food.

18. Ishna Rawlani

We love how Ishna picks up simple elements that manage to amp her pictures up greatly. She is a mind-blowing content creator whose aesthetic feed is something we all want. Girl, how do you always manage to be picture-perfect?

19. Esha Rao a.k.a @thefashionpsychic_

Esha Rao is one of Hyderabad’s most recognized bloggers. Her profile has fresh and creative ideas that can be easily recreated. A fashion enthusiast whose feed we can’t stop gushing over.

20. Gurugubelli Divya Sree

Divya Sree came into the limelight after her TikTok videos went viral and from that day she has been on a winning streak! Her content is very natural and relatable and that’s what we love about her.

21. Tanusha Bajaj

Tanusha is a talented creator who is full of life and zest! She is always on her toes and updated with all the viral trends. We love how she gives her own twist to all the challenges and connects with the audience. Her #QuarantinePillowChallenge is one of our personal faves! 😛

22. Karthik Abhiram

Karthik Abhiram is a phenomenal creator whose artwork is superb. We love to scroll through his content all day long. So, if you wish to see some amazing sketches and photographs then head over to his profile right now. You’ll find truck-loads of artistic inspo there!

23. Zuvam

His feed really took my breath away! We love how Zuvam used a simple element ‘Tea’ and created something out-of-the-box. This is a true definition of talent. His feed is absolutely soothing and eye-catching and we love to spend time on it.

There you go! Here are our favourite Hyderabad creators and influencer profiles that you must check out and follow. The list is full of amazing established and upcoming content creators who will surely keep you entertained with their unique work.

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