5 Common Dreams And What They Mean—Explained By An Expert

5 Common Dreams And What They Mean—Explained By An Expert

Pooja Maheshwary

Disclaimer: Please note that the scope of this medium of communication does not permit for any diagnosis or exact interpretation. For those reasons, please visit Anshuma or any other therapist specialising in psychoanalysis as it takes much more detailed and in-depth work to be able to explore individual meanings of dreams and or offer any diagnosis on sleep or dream disorders.

1. Dreams of being chased

From the collective unconscious, this metaphor could mean that either you have unfulfilled pursuits or need to escape a situation. Either way, the mind is communicating some form of movement from your present situation. But again, what that required movement is, you need to examine through self-work.

2. Dreams of the death of a loved one

Our minds communicate to us through symbols. This symbol seems to be related to fear and some threat, that may mean that you are feeling like you are in some sort of emotional danger. To really be able to decode dreams, it takes many sessions and conversations, so please do visit a therapist if you wish to know more.

3. Dreams of someone who has passed away

I can imagine how hard losing someone can be. Trauma needs to be worked through with an expert and this medium of communication is too limited for me to offer any particular expertise but if a recurring theme or metaphor visits us in our dreams, the question we have to ask is “what does this symbol or image or person represent for me? Why has my mind conjured up this image? What is the message my unconscious mind is trying to deliver to me?” Perhaps in times when you need support, just the image of your loved one is enough for your mind.

4. Dreams of falling off a height

In my training and point of view, dreams are our unconscious mind trying to communicate with our conscious mind. The mind doesn’t speak in Hindi or English, it speaks in images and metaphors. As for the meaning of this metaphor, these images are commonly linked to feeling a loss of control or anxiety about what is to come, overwhelmed and unstable. Perhaps note when the dreams are recurring most frequently to decipher more meaning. You may want to talk to someone to see how these metaphors are linked to your lived life.

5. Dreams about toilets or dirty washrooms

When you dream about these images, are you undergoing a particularly stressful time? Is there something in your conscious life that you are not looking at so it is appearing as a symbol of denial in your dreams? Just like with physical health, I don’t recommend looking for meaning online. These images can be particularly meaningful and if they are bothering us, we should talk to the correct experts so we don’t get further confused with what the common meanings are. Experts go through years of rigorous training to help clients uncover meaning and add value to their lives.

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