On a day-to-day basis, we come across a lot of talented creators who blow us away with their unique ways of creating content. However, the course of content creation is slowly changing and many creators are venturing out and trying new things as well. Although, if you wish to experience multiple new things, you gotta be great at multi-tasking, right? We know someone who is, and his name is Raj Shamani! He’s the kind of person who’ll make multi-tasking look like a walk in the park. Raj is not only an avid business content creator but also a talented entrepreneur and podcaster. Here’s everything you need to know about this powerhouse of talent!

Who is Raj Shamani?

Raj has always been the kind of person who believes in turning the tables. He started his business by borrowing money from his father and today he is a successful entrepreneur. Not just that at the tender age of 17, Raj took part in Youth Representative Program for Young Leaders in the United Nations and also represented India in the United Nations, Vienna, under UNIDO. From business to content creation, he is a self-trained man who’s now slowly changing the course of business content creation. Solely because of his passion and dedication, his business is now a popular name in the FMCG industry.

All about his content

Raj Shamani has successfully positioned himself as an avid business content creator and a keynote speaker. He currently has more than 359k followers on Instagram and his very own website as well. His content especially revolves around business ideas, news, motivational content and much more. Apart from being a growing content creator in his own niche, Raj is also an expert public speaker and negotiator. He has made over 200+ speeches across 26 counties on major platforms like TED, the United Nations and many more. He focuses on lifting people up through his business and content. Tbh, we find his drive and passion quite inspiring!

Here’s what Raj has to say about his experience as a creator,

My mission as a content creator is to create content about business and personal brand so that I can help people become key opinion leaders a.k.a influencers in their respective domains and get a platform to spread positivity. I provide daily motivation and ideas to students through my Podcasts, Instagram and LinkedIn and also by delivering all the speeches that helps them realise that they are not alone and I feel it has turned out to be a ray of hope for many. My focus is to make kids feel important about themselves, especially in a society that is quick to judge and demotivate young people and that is what really matters the most to me!

We absolutely love how Raj doesn’t shy away from standing out amongst the crowd. He has already garnered a lot of popularity due to his authentic and consistent content. Not just that, he also aims to help as many people as he can through his content and that’s what left us inspired. feeling intrigued? Go check out this profile right away!Also, don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending on Instagram to know more about your favourite influencers!