Let’s come clean, we always keep dreaming about the destination we wanna travel to in the near future. Travelling the world makes us happy and surely you love it too. Although we couldn’t travel in 2020, the new year brings new hope and lots of positive news. All of us might soon be able to travel again and for that, we gotta be ready! There are various travel content creators we admire and can’t stop binging on their travel content. However, Savi & Vid a.k.a @bruisedpassports are our absolute faves. Apart from their regular travel content, they also create short Reels about different travel destinations and all of them are so insightful. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in and check out some travel destinations that one must add to their bucket list right away!

Check these out:

1. Travel diaries to Sikkim

In this Reel, the couple gave us 5 reasons to visit Sikkim and tbh, it’s nothing but stunning! We absolutely fell in love with the place just by watching their video. Savi & Vid don’t just fawn over the beauty of the place but also give us reasons why that particular place holds value. So, we are defo packing our bags and heading to Sikkim.

2. Seychelles, the perfect honeymoon destination

All you newly-weds, this one is especially for you! There’s been a lot of talk around ‘Seychelles’ but Bruisedpassports explained to us perfectly why this place is perfect for a romantic getaway. So, Valentines Day is just around the corner and this Reel will surely help you organise the perfect gift for your bae! 😛

3. Why you must travel to Iceland

We found this Reel quite exciting, scenic yet informative. In just 6 reasons we totally feel like visiting Iceland. From the frozen waterfalls to the surreal Nothern Lights, Savi & Vid gave us a beautiful virtual tour of Iceland and now we cannot wait to step foot there.

4. Things to do in Jaipur

Surely most of us have visited Jaipur at least once in our lives. However, this travel couple is showing us how much we have missed out on in this beautiful city. This Reel is packed with some awesome information and it’s so visually appealing to look at!

5. Why you must have Finland on your bucket list

This Reel series by Bruisedpassports have helped us understand the place and look at it in a different light. We absolutely love how it aids us in our travel expeditions. After watching this video, we can’t wait to visit Finland.

6. Why you should visit New Zealand

New Zealand is considered to be one of the most gorgeous places in the world and now we can see why! This Reel of theirs was so picturesque and we personally can’t wait to drive on the smooth and scenic roads of New Zealand.

7. When in Delhi, visit here

Delhi is the national capital and it’s the hub of culture, politics, history and so much more. We like how the couple included so many offbeat and iconic places in this list. Even though most of us have travelled to Delhi quite a few times, we wouldn’t mind checking all these places out!

Well, surely these 7 Reels must have sorted quite a few travel plans for y’all, amirite? Bruised Passports have been exploring the world and taking us virtually with them through their stunning content. Through this Reel series, they have surely helped many of us learn more about various travel destinations. Which travel spot would you like to go to next? Tell us in the comments below!

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