Today, content creation is one of the most sought-after careers as it holds an immense amount of potential. Every day we come across so many people who aim to make it big in this industry. However, only a few are able to actually make their mark in this space. While content creation is an extremely innovative career choice, it’s also highly competitive. You gotta do everything in your power to stand out if you really wish to make a name for yourself. For all creators, Instagram is quite an important platform to showcase their talent and creativity. So, Karishma Govil a.k.a @soul_kari is here to share 5 essential tips that’ll help you grow on Instagram. If you are a budding creator, then this is your Bible! 😛

Who is Karishma Govil?

Karishma Govil is not just the content head at MissMalini Trending but also a phenomenal content creator. She creates content that revolves around motivational comedy and currently has more than 36k followers on her Instagram page. As a content head and a creator herself, she’s always on the lookout for new tips, tricks and ideas that can help one grow on social media platforms. Recently, her ‘ChashmishReel crossed more than 14 million views on Instagram, amazing isn’t it? She speaks with a lot of experience and she’s here to share 5 proven ways to grow as a creator on Instagram. So, what are you waiting for? Dive right in!

Here are 5 ways to grow on Instagram:

1. Break the clutter

Instagram Break the clutter (Source: Shutterstock)
Break the clutter (Source: Shutterstock)

Instagram is a sea of content creators and influencers. Every creator is different and creative. But what makes you unique? What’s the one thing that noone can do like you? Find that unique quality or factor about yourself that makes you unique. Try to find the void people face, and fill it with your creativity.

2. Be an expert

Be an expert (Source: Shutterstock)
Be an expert (Source: Shutterstock)

Another reason for someone to “follow” you on Instagram is if you’re an expert in your field. It’s the only reason they’ll come to your page seeking your expertise. Find out what you’re good at. It could be singing, writing, dancing, comedy, science, finance. The list goes on and on… Make sure to give the audience something new and informative from your page.

Instagram Ride the trends (Source: Shutterstock)
Ride the trends (Source: Shutterstock)

It’s the era of digital trends that have the potential to make your content “viral”. Use challenges, events or music that are trending to make your content. But make sure to give it your own unique twist—else, you’re just copying!

4. Use all of Instagram’s features

Use all of Instagram's features (Source: Shutterstock)
Use all of Instagram’s features (Source: Shutterstock)

I was the ambassador of this amazing program called ‘Born On Instagram’ by Instagram which helped creators understand how to use all the features on the platform and optimise our performance online. The one majorly important thing I learned from Born On Instagram, was that you need to be active on all the features of Instagram. These pillars are IGTV, Live, Stories, Posts and Reels. That’s the one very crucial thing that they mentioned to us during our sessions. I, for one, have seen a massive difference in my reach through this tip.

5. Collaborate

Collaborate (Source: Shutterstock)
Collaborate (Source: Shutterstock)

Two’s better than one! Find out who your contemporaries and peers are in the field, with a similar reach and follower count and DM them. Collaborate and share your audiences. That’s a win-win!

Well, that was certainly insightful, wasn’t it? Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform and as a creator, its vital for you to make your presence on it. These tips by Karishma Govil will surely help you grow your page if you follow them consistently. Which tip did you find most useful? Tell us in comments below!

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