8 Quirky But Guaranteed Ways To Become A Morning Person

8 Quirky But Guaranteed Ways To Become A Morning Person

Mallika Jhaveri

Waking up early is the best thing that can happen to you. All the sciences, Ayurveda, Yogis and doctors will agree as well. However, waking up early is much (much) easier said than done. For many of us, it’s impossible no matter how hard we try or how many alarms we set. So, for our collective benefit, we asked the Girl Tribe By MissMalini their ways to become a morning person, and we got some great (and very do-able) tricks of the trade!

8 Quirky But Guaranteed Ways To Become A Morning Person:

1. Appreciate The Quiet Golden Hour

Waking up early gives you a time-frame of ultimate peace and quiet. This golden hour is the epitome of “me-time”. It gives you a moment to reflect on your day, appreciate your surroundings and just take in the moment. We lead such hectic lives, especially with COVID-19 around, and this silent moment of solitude can really give us a break from all the stress.

2. Date A Morning Person

If your date is keeping can keep you up at night, make sure they  wake you up as well! Dating an early-riser is a guaranteed way to become a morning person. Firstly, they are sure to make constant noise when they wake up. Secondly, watching them seize the day early morning will motivate you to do the same! We don’t think it gets any easier than this.

3. Set A Bollywood Party Song As Your Alarm Tone

Nothing tempts you to hit the snooze button faster than a loud and harsh alarm tone. You wake up grumpy and all you want to do it go back to sleep. However, if your alarm tone is an upbeat Bollywood song, you are more likely to wake up energetic! The biggest proof would be the Bigg Boss contestants. Have you seen how happy and jumpy they are every morning? We rest our case.

4. Adopt A Dog Or Cat

Either they need to be walked early morning or will lick (or sometimes even scratch) your face at the crack of dawn. Having a pet is a guaranteed way to become a morning person. They also make you happier, more fulfilled and shower you with endless love! It’s a total win-win. Do you really need further convincing?

5. Have A Detoxifying Night Routine

Many women believed that having a detoxifying night routine was extremely important in becoming a morning person. We’re talking detoxing both, your mind and boy. Having a calming skincare routine, even if it involves just washing your face and putting on some cold-cream, will help you sleep well and wake up early. A digital detox is much more important though. Switching off your devices at least an hour before bedtime is needed to become a morning person.

6. Do A Guided Meditation Early Morning

When you wake up early morning and are tempted to hit that snooze button with all your might, take a moment to breathe deeply. Do a quick 7 minute guided meditation to truly wake you up and prepare you for the day. This may seem like something that would put you right back to sleep, but it won’t. It will energise you and get you straight out of bed!

7. Join An Early Morning Workout Class

Personally, this is what motivates me the most. When you have made a morning commitment, especially one that you have paid for, you automatically become a morning person. Furthermore, early morning workouts are great for you and keep you fit! Not only will you become a morning person, but you will also become a morning person with a toned body.

8. Use A Puzzle Alarm Clock

This may seem strange but using one of those apps that makes you solve a puzzle to turn off the alarm is a great way to wake up and stay awake. Using your brains the second you wake up will stimulate them and reduce the chances of you falling back to sleep. Granted that they are super annoying and you may end up smashing your phone on the floor, but at least you’ll be up early!

It isn’t easy to become a morning person, but it isn’t impossible. We hope these quirky but guaranteed ways help you become the early riser you want to be! What did you think of them? Share it with us in the comments below!

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