Reels are one of our favourite Instagram features that took over our feeds after TikTok bid adieu to India. It allows creators to create and explore their own versions of short-form content. Millions of creators are emerging as digital stars on social media platforms with their unique and entertaining work. They are really ‘Reel-ing‘ their way to winning the hearts of their fans. One such digital sensation is Ruhee Dosani who recently got verified on Instagram! The girl, who with her gang is making everyone groove to her dance Reels. Moreover, she manages to show her goofiness with swag, making us laugh out until our stomachs start to hurt. Scroll down to know more about her and her content that makes her the new-age Govinda.

Who is Ruhee Dosani?

Punjab di Kuddi, Ruhee is a social media sensation who is killin’ it with her ‘We Desi’ friends. The ultimate queen of entertainment, who has crossed 689k followers on Instagram and we know that in no time she will cross the one million mark as well. She posts a lot of Reels on her page and all of them hit us differently! In a short time span, she has become one of the most loved entertainers. Here are a few of her Reels that hit us right in the feels and had us ROFLing!

Here they are:

1. The one with Mamma Dosani

Ruhee is very lucky as her mom is super supportive of what she does and encourages her to keep creating content. We also see Mama Dosani in many of Ruhee’s reels. This one especially is our personal fave where she is stealing the show with her own moves and swag. The Dosani family is full of talent, isn’t it?

2. New-age female version of Govinda

Oh, what can we even say about this Reel? Ruhee, you are a treat to watch and we couldn’t stop jammin’ to this one. Your smooth easy-going moves and expressions remind us of one the one and only ‘Govinda’. I am sure everyone will back me with this, amirite? Tbh, it’s full of Bollywood jhatkas and thumkas!

3. Comic timing on point

This Reel never gets old, just like the washing powder Nirma advertisement! The comic timing is on point and we couldn’t stop sharing this with our friends and family. The way she amalgamates humour with random dance moves is simply awesome and unique.

4. Viral challenges

Ruhee Dosani And Her ‘We Desi’ friends together are a combo that is simply mind-blowing. The way they all create content and jump on to all the viral trends and challenges with their own twist is phenomenal. This ‘Sundar’ reel on Yashraj Mukhate’s viral track ‘Kya Karu‘ blew up on social media and we were totally hooked to it as well!

5. Dil Se Hindustani

Ruhee never leaves a chance to show her desi style and swag! We love how even though she stays miles away from India, her touch with her culture is amazing. We often see her Reels with Bollywood and Punjabi songs with her personal twist to it. This one is a perfect example of her being full-on desi and pardesi all together!

6. Collaboration with other creators

Ruhee collaborated with the well-known creator Be YouNick and their content together was WOW! We would really love to see Ruhee collab with more creators in the future. Tbh, I really wished to be a part of it too! 😛

Ruhee’s Reels are our absolute favourites. We can’t get enough of her content and are absolutely hooked to all her videos. Time and again she manages to blow us away with her humorous swag. Which Reel of hers did you find most funny? Tell us in the comments below!

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