A couple of months ago, we discovered a segment of older and supremely fashionable influencers on Instagram. These ladies, around the age of 50 and above, are the epitome of confidence and inspiration. Scrolling through their feed has been quite refreshing and will give you a reassurance that style has no expiry date. These beautiful influencers are making their mark on the sartorial industry in a host of ways. They’re empowering women globally by rocking all the latest trends with utmost confidence and finesse. Simultaneously, they’re also creating awareness on inclusivity when it comes to age, an impact of which is visible on luxury fashion houses such as Celine and Bottega Veneta, that have begun including older women in their fashion shows and other campaigns. So, more power to these mature beauties who are breaking barriers!

1) The Micro Bag Trend

Micro bags became a highly popular trend but were quite impractical in all honesty. They add an aesthetic value to the outfits and hence have still managed to not vanish completely. Fashion critic and journalist, Sophie Fontanel, sported the trend tastefully with her Chanel micro-quilted flap bag. I love how she turned her bag into a necklace instead and layered it with other neckpieces, managing to make it fit-in just perfectly. This, hands down is one of my favourite ways of seeing the trend being sported.

2) Leather Bermuda Shorts

We saw the leather Bermuda shorts trend reach its peak during the fall/winter season. Fashionistas all over the ‘gram were seen sporting this style. I was in awe of how fashion queen, Grece Ghanem pulled off her trendy leather Bermuda shorts with sass and swag. Teaming the shorts with a simple oversized chocolate brown sweatshirt and statement white platform boots elevated the look even further. The platform boots being another popular trend on their own!

3) Dress and Tights Combo

Wearing your dresses or skirts with tights in winters is like wearing florals in spring or summer! No-brainer and completely season-appropriate. But if you thought this look was reserved mostly for the younger generation, looking at Melanie Kobayashi‘s OOTD will make you think again. This combination has never looked better. Melanie’s fun character and eclectic style reflect perfectly in this multicoloured embroidered shirt dress featuring a fur collar. She teamed her dress with sheer tights and funky velvet shoes and made for just the cutest outfit ever! Don’t you think?

4) Monochromatic Dressing

Lyn Slater, a professor by the day and fashion blogger by the night will wow you with her impeccable modern style. Her signature look compromises vintage sunglasses and red lips which manage to go with every outfit she dolls up in. One particular look that caught our eye was this monochromatic one, in a dusky pink attire. Her full-length pink coat paired with a pink pleated skirt and socks in the same look super chic and classy. And elevating that classy vibe is Lyn’s beige hoodie, brown sunglasses and uggs. The two monochrome palettes in a single outfit come together really well, don’t they?

5) Victorian Ruffle Collar

There are always a few trends that look good on the ramp but are rarely wearable off the ramp. However, Renia Jaz is a pro at incorporating designer trends into her everyday wear. Her creativity and love for fashion are visible in all her looks. So it was no surprise seeing Renia style this Victorian-style ruffled collar and an oversized shirt underneath a leather bib like it’s no big deal. The simple black and white combination mixed with these quirky trends make for a hella cool street-style look. Something you’d spot at fashion weeks! I aspire to be this bold and fashion-savvy even when I’m over 50!

Are you as inspired by these style icons as we are? Share with us your favourites in the comments below.

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