Ujjwal Chaurasia: One Of India's Youngest & Biggest Gaming YouTubers

Kavisha Mody , 23 Jan 2021
Ujjwal Chaurasia a.k.a Techno Gamerz (Source: Ujjwal Chaurasia)
Ujjwal Chaurasia a.k.a Techno Gamerz (Source: Ujjwal Chaurasia)

Content creation is a diverse field. Multiple creators take to social media to highlight their passion and creativity. However, there are so many people who are gamers and love to post gaming content online. These days, many YouTubers are creating interesting gaming content on their dedicated channels and tbh, their videos are insane! One such talented creator is Ujjwal Chaurasia a.k.a Techno Gamerz, he is one of India’s youngest YouTube gamers and his content is so unique. His videos have managed to catch our eye and we were blown away. Here’s everything you need to know about this talented gamer and content creator.

Who is Ujjwal Chaurasia?

Ujjwal is an 18-year-old gaming influencer, who started his YouTube channel in 2017 when he was only at the mere age of 15. He started his journey of gaming using his elder brother’s smartphone and then went ahead and started a YouTube channel under his name. From there, Ujjwal has come a long way, we really admire his passion and dedication towards his craft. Today, he is among India’s youngest and most popular gamers.

All about his content

Ujjwal’s content is extremely unique and certainly caters to his niche. It includes humorous anecdotes of real-life situations, technology and gaming videos, tutorials and much more. Currently, he has more than 876k followers on Instagram and 12.7 million subscribers on YouTube. Starting with only a 1000 followers in the initial year, his channel, ‘Techno Gamerz‘ gained rapid momentum and a huge fan following especially for this GTA gameplay series. His first-ever tutorial video, ‘tutorial of downloading Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse‘ garnered over 250k views and gave his channel a push. He also tapped the mobile phone gaming experience on his second YouTube channel, ‘Ujjwal Gamer’. Recently he released his first music video, ‘Game On‘ and we are already hooked to it!

Here’s what Ujjwal has to say about his experience as a creator,

Life happened too fast! Looking back at 2016, 2017, I barely knew this was what I was meant to do. Having started my channel on YouTube as a means to interact with my friends about gaming. I took to YouTube because my friends wanted me to impart certain insights about gaming that I was learning along the way. I was a big gaming enthusiast who funnily didn’t even have his own mobile phone back then.  My brother’s phone was my only gateway to these activities. I remember I was so excited when I saw 1000 subscribers on my channel. I went around telling the world, even my parents who barely understood a thing about the platform. From that day to today, it’s been an incredible journey!

This 18-year-old creator is surely taking YouTube by storm with this gaming content. We love how he creates content that caters to his niche and is never afraid of experimenting with new ideas. He is already becoming a popular name in the creator space and we are so excited for everything this young talent has in store for us. If you are into gaming, you gotta check out his channel right away!

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