As you all know, we are suckers for viral content and trends. For most of us, 2021 has indeed started on an interesting note. January was full of content that went super viral and trends that took the internet by storm. So many creators jumped onto the bandwagon and gave these trends their unique twist. What we found interesting was that a lot of these viral trends started in different parts of the world and then spread like wildfire globally. If you are social media savvy (or not), then you gotta know about these trends and try them as well. So, are you ready? Let’s check them out!

Here they are:

1. Bernie Sanders meme

Bernie is surely winning the 2021 meme race! 😛 This innocent picture of him sitting on a chair and feeling the winter chills got viral on the Internet and people did not hold back when it came to memes. Currently, Twitter and Instagram are filled with Bernie’s memes with him sitting like this in different situations and trust us, it’s hilarious!

2. The #BussIt Challenge

If you don’t know the #BussIt challenge, you are surely living under a rock! This track by singer Erica Banks got extremely popular on social media and many creators came up with interesting Reels on it. The idea behind this challenge is to show your glam and transformed self as soon as the beat drops. Creators came up with multiple variations and added their own little twist to this trend. We absolutely love this Reel by Malini and it’s giving us major travel FOMO!

3. #Copines Dance Challenge

Copines is a famous track by Aya Nakamura, which gained a lot of popularity on Instagram. Many creators tried a choreography on the slowed-down version of this same track and it instantly turned into a trend. People from all over the world tried the dance routine and trust us, it’s so appealing to watch. Have you tried it yet? if not, go do it now, ‘cuz the steps are damn easy!

4. Renaissance painting

The #Renaissancechallenge took Instagram by storm as everyone started using this time-warp challenge to create beautiful painting-like pictures of themselves. This Reel by Awez and Nagma surely took our breath away as their Renaissance painting turned out to be so stunning!

5. Vroom Vroom

Vroom Vroom is one of the most fun dance challenges we have ever come across! It’s a quirky dance routine that quickly turned viral because of its groovy steps. We absolutely loved how Unnati, Rishabh and Tanzeel took part in this trend and created this adorable video. We always knew Unnati was a great dancer, although Tanzeel and Rishabhs moves left us shook!

6. Beat-drop transformation

Is this particular track stuck in your head for the past few days or are you normal? This trend is super-viral on Instagram since the past few days and we are loving it! The trend involves hitting the camera or your screen for a  few times and then showing your transformed self as soon as the beat drops. It’s so visually appealing and groovy that we enjoy watching it.

7. India Vs US Reels Edition

India Vs US meme got really popular in the month of December 2020. However, the trend picked up pace in the form of Reels in January along with the ‘Jugni Ji‘ song. In this creators tell us how people in the states would have reacted to a situation and how Indians would react. So many content creators got extremely creative with this trend and we love how relatable all their videos were.

Well, these were all the trends that took over social media in the first month of 2021 and all of them were so entertaining. We love how creators take up these challenges and give it their own little twist. Which trend out of this list is your favourite? Tell us in comments below!

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