Influencers create a lot of different content every now and then. However, we have to admit, celeb collabs are one of our favourites. Many creators have been experimenting with their content and collaborating with upcoming and established actors. One such creator is Manav Chhabra a.k.a @mr.mnv! He is a part of a popular creator group called DamnFam and trust us, his content is phenomenal. In the past, Manav has collaborated with famous A-listers and he continuous to do so. Here are some of our fave collabs by Manav that were nothing but binge-worthy. Check them out!

Here they are:

1. Mr. MNV x Deepika Padukone

Out of all the awesome content that he has created in the past, this is one of our most favourite videos! Watching the stunning and legendary Deepika Padukone collab with Manav is like a dream come true. Also, can we please talk about how adorable this video is? Brb, I gotta go cry about my single life! 😛

2. Mr. MNV x Jacqueline Fernandez

This is such a quirky and funny video! We love how Faby also made a cameo in this hilarious skit of theirs. It’s fun to watch Manav and Jackie be so quirky and casual with one another. Tbh, content pieces like these are really entertaining.

3. Mr. MNV x Priyanka Chopra

Well, if this isn’t the most legendary collab ever then idk what is! Manav and Priyanka Chopra shot this video during the release of her movie The Sky Is Pink and it’s nothing short of adorable. We are literally dying to watch more of such cute videos of theirs.

4. Mr. MNV x Sunny Leone

Manav is a supremely talented creator and has created content with many celebrities from the Tinsel town. He also collaborated with the stunning Sunny Leone and it was so entertaining. They look quite steller in this picture, don’t they?

5. Mr. MNV x Shilpa Shetty

By this time, I think all of us can agree that Manav has done some epic collaborations! This video of his with the pretty and energetic, Shilpa Shetty was so quirky and fun. Such short-form videos really keep us hooked to his content.

6. Mr. MNV x Sara Ali Khan

What do we even say about this adorable video? Sara Ali Khan looks gorgeous as ever and Manav looks nothing but charming. Their collab literally had us gushing! Not just that, the background music fits perfectly with their idea, doesn’t it?

7. Mr. MNV x Neha Kakkar

All of us know that Neha Kakkar is not just an inspiring singer but also a ball of positivity and energy! Her groovy collab with Manav literally had us dancing in no time. Also, this song brought out the Punjabi in us and now we are literally playing it on loop.

Manav Chhabra a.k.a @mr.mnv has always inspired us with his dedication towards his craft. He never shies away from experimenting and venturing out of his comfort zone. All these collabs with A-list actresses show us that Manav has reached great heights in his career and he is on an absolute winning streak. Which video of his do you love of the most? Tell us in comments below!

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