There are so many content creators out there who are giving us interesting content every day. Each creator is unique in their own way and has its own niche. One such creator who always blows our mind with his work is Ranveer Allahbadia a.k.a BeerBiceps. He is a self-improvement content creator who has inspired millions with his positive and motivational content. His posts and videos helped us explore the world of spirituality and trust us, it’s life-changing! We absolutely love how he breaks down complex concepts in simple words and encourages us to practise them. Here’s a list of our fave posts by BeerBiceps that opened up the world of spirituality to us! Check ’em out for your daily dose of motivation, peace and positivity.

Here they are:

1. 10 spiritual practices

We cannot even stress enough on how helpful this post is! BeerBiceps tells us some simple spiritual practices that made him a happier person. We really like how the pointers are so easy to understand and it actually made us feel like following them too. Such small steps can surely make a big difference in your life!

2. How religion and spirituality are connected

In this post, Ranveer got super candid about his religious experience and what he learnt from it. His caption is so real, candid and full of positive vibes. We strongly believe that explaining the concepts of spirituality and religion is a tough thing to do but Ranveer makes it sound so easy! His post really made us look at things in a new perspective and filled us with motivation for the new year!

3. Why meditation is important

This IGTV video is a part of an episode from #TheRanveerShow. We found this video extremely productive in terms of career growth. In very simple words BeerBiceps explains the importance of meditation in your career. This video will really make you look at things differently and might help you get more centred mentally.

4. 2014 Vs 2020

If this transformation doesn’t inspire you then we don’t know what will! Surely this post is a major wake-up call for a lot of people who wish to get better in their life. His caption is not just inspiring but also practical! So, what’s stopping you from your transformation?

5. Meditating in the lap of nature

We literally cannot stop looking at this picture! Everything about this post is so serene is beautiful, isn’t it? Meditating at the top of a Himalayan mountain must have indeed been exhilarating for BeerBiceps. Since he is a self-improvement creator, his spiritually aligned posts indeed encourage us to keep going forward with a positive and healthy mindset.

6. 7 teachings of Hinduism

Like we said before, the way Ranveer breaks down complex concepts into simple words is truly amazing! We really like this particular post purely because it explains some excerpts from the Gita in such an easy to follow language. If you need your daily dose of motivation, BeerBiceps’s Instagram page is the place to be!

These 6 posts really broadened our view about spirituality. We find Ranveer’s content really inspiring, insightful as well as practical. He has helped millions of people through his posts and videos and continues to do so every day. Do you believe in spirituality? Tell us in comments below!

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