9 Much-Needed Motivational Affirmations To Fire You Right Up

9 Much-Needed Motivational Affirmations To Fire You Right Up

Mallika Jhaveri

Motivation is a tricky thing. Sometimes we have a bit of it, on rare occasions, we have way too much of it and most of the time, we have none of it. Motivation is a magical element really. It makes everything better and easier. However, it’s hard to get our hands on it, especially given the current state of the world. To give your motivation a push and get you geared up for the day, we made a list of 9 much-needed motivational affirmations. Say these when you wake up, feel lazy or during a long meeting that could have definitely been an email and you are sure to get back in the motivational groove!

1. Today Is A Good Day To Try

Said by Quasimodo in the movie, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, this is a great affirmation to motivate yourself. When we have to do something challenging or difficult, we often mope about how challenging the task ahead is without even trying. It’s when we actually try that we realise, “Oh, this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be”. So go ahead and try, and you may just surprise yourself!

2. If I Could Believe In Santa Claus For 10 Years, I Can Believe In Myself

How is it that we believed a big-bellied man could travel the world in one night using flying reindeer? Furthermore, how did we believe that he (with his giant belly and sack of gifts) slid down a narrow chimney? You and your abilities actually exist and are very much real. Believe in them! When you have confidence in yourself, 90% of your work is already done!

3. I am an unstoppable force of nature

While this may sound extreme (and ridiculous), it works! It fills you up with confidence and makes you want to go out there and truly be an unstoppable force of nature. This motivational affirmation will fire you up in every way. It will make you believe in yourself and you are sure to feel like a lead character from Dragon Ball Z or in my case, Dumbledore’s Army. You can do whatever you put your mind to, and that truly makes you unstoppable.

4. Today will be a productive day

Simple and effective, this motivational affirmation is all you need. It merely states a belief that you feel motivated to make a fact. Often we feel lazy and unproductive and need a little push to snap out of it. We guarantee that this will do the trick. It may not make you feel 100% productive, but at least you will have your foot in the door.

5. I’m P.H.A.T.

Said by the fabulous Poo, this is a great source of motivation. You are and will always be your biggest cheerleader. You are pretty, hot and tempting. Not just in by the way you look, but also by the way you work. This motivational affirmation will give you the ego-boost you need check everything off your to-do list. And the best part is, you will feel amazing while doing it! (Pro-Tip: It helps to say it the exact semi-seductive way Poo does)

6. I won’t just fly, I will soar

Adapted from Dumbo, this line is beautifully powerful. In the movie, Dumbo is ridiculed for his giant, wing-like ears. He initially sees them as an embarrassment, but soon realises that they are his biggest strength. He sees them as something that set him apart in the best way and soon embraces them as the best part about himself. This is inspiring and motivational for us too. Use your apparent weakness as your greatest strength and you will surprise yourself! Don’t just fly, soar.

7. I’m fantastic and I’m focused

Yes, yes you are. While a lot of these motivational affirmations are ego-boosts, they work. The more you uplift and believe in yourself, the more happy and productive you will be. You are fantastic in every way and extremely focused, and you need to have faith in it!

8. I will make myself proud today

For most of us, we are our biggest critics. More than society, it is we who bring ourselves down. We set expectations, knowing very well we often cannot meet them, and when we don’t, we berate our efforts. This needs to change. If we decide to do our best and make ourselves proud by it, we will be fired up to seize the day. Be motivated for yourself instead of others, and it will do wonders for you.

9. I’m like Nike, I just do it

Meek Mill was not joking when he said this in his hit song, Issues. This is the mentality we need to have to get the most out of our day. It’s modern, contemporary and effective! This will motivate you enough to give you that “Seize the day” mindset you need, especially if you say it with the same confidence Meek did.

Which of these motivational affirmations do you like best? Share it with us in the comments below!

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