Never underestimate the power of music! It’s a source that unites, spreads joy, and flows freely without any cultural barriers. The best part is that anybody can enjoy music videos irrespective of their age. In recent times, we have seen so many talented creators and influencers feature in some awesome tracks. Their stellar performance leaves us star-struck and keeps us hooked to their music videos for hours. This month we were lucky enough to hear and add a variety of genres to our playlist. Here is a list of songs that we have been jammin’ to in the month of Jan and it’s time for you to do the same!

Check them out:

1. Naina Tu Behna Tu

OMG, this song featuring the charming Mr. Mnv and Stefy Patel released yesterday and has already touched our hearts. It’s a lovely track with such emotional lyrics that hits us right in the feels. In a short period itself, we have gotten addicted to their music video. I am sure just like us, even the DamnFam fans wish for it to never end, amirite?

2. Laeja Mainu Naal

What can we even say about Vishal Pandey and Sameeksha Sud’s on-screen chemistry? Their nok-jhok in this music video is just too adorable. We love how the music video has a happy ending and tbh, their expressions are mind-blowing. The song released 5 days ago and has already garnered so much love and positive comments.

3. Faraar

With over 20 million views, this song has been trending because of its peppy beats! The lyrics, concept and location manage to keep us glued to our screens. Our fave moment was the surprise in the end and tbh, Avneet and Akull together made this music video a super-duper hit. Can’t wait to watch them create more tracks like this!

4. Ae Dilruba

Every time we listen to this song, we fall in love with it and Be YouNick all over again! The way he gave the most romantic song, ‘Pehla Nasha’ a twist and created his own version is phenomenal. His voice is so soothing and we are addicted to this romantic hero that he is in this video. If you guys haven’t heard it yet then y’all are seriously missing out!

5. Vardaan

The new rap single by Carryminati and Willy Frenzy is called ‘Vardaan‘. It is a superb track and we love to hear on loop. Did you know that the song is inspired by Carryminati’s teenage years itself, interesting, isn’t it? The video and the lyrics are emotional yet motivating and relatable. The track has received an immense amount of love from everyone and without any doubt, this song will leave you 100% inspired!

6. Game On

‘Game On’ is Ujjwal’s first music video that is about his journey towards being an incredible YouTuber with over 10 million subscribers at the age of 18. This rap song has garnered over 10 million views and we are so proud of Ujjwal for achieving such great milestones.

Apart from these awesome tracks, we are also quite excited for ‘Kangana‘ to release this month itself. It features Sunny Chopra and Ankita Chhetri, who are fab actors and creators. Get ready to add this one to your playlists super soon.

So, January looked quite musical with these awesome tracks playing on loop. No doubt our new year started with a bang and we can’t wait to groove to the beats and tunes of new peppy upcoming videos in the year. From this list, which one is your favourite? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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