Carry Minati a.k.a Ajey Nagar is one YouTuber who always speaks his mind when it comes to the things he believes in. Be it his funny skits or his roasts and diss tracks, he has risen to become a well-known name.

Recently, in conversation with Kareena Kapoor Khan on the latest episode of her radio show, Dabur Amla Aloe Vera What Women Want Season 3 on Filmy Mirchi, Carry Minati shared his views on the safety of women on the internet

The YouTube creator, who has over 28 million subscribers on his channel, says that female content creators face a lot of backlash and trolling in the online space. He adds that he sees ladies themselves trolling the female creators in their comments section, hinting that their own kind are not supportive of each other. When asked about how he is also sometimes referred to as an ‘online bully’ because if his roasts on people, he clarifies that whoever he has roasted until now, it has always been with their permission and not otherwise.

Speaking about it to Bebo, he also shares that if he had to have one superpower, that would be to help stop rapes from happening in our country.

This sure was a dream superpower to have in a country like ours where women’s safety is one of our most prevalent issues.

On the work front, Carry is all set to make his Bollywood debut with Ajay Devgn‘s MayDay alongside Ajay and Amitabh Bachchan. He is set to play a fictionalised version of himself in it and I sure am looking forward to seeing him in it.