Parenthood is always a joy that is bigger than anything else. Be it a mother or a father, they begin a whole new phase of their life and take on innumerable responsibilities that come with its own joys and challenges. Recently, cricketer Suresh Raina and RJ, actor and podcast host Salil Acharya bonded over this on Salil’s podcast, Off The Script With Salil.

Salil has previously hosted 48 guests like Sri Sri Ravishankar, Taapsee Pannu, among others on his show and Suresh was his latest guest. On the show, Salil speaks to Suresh about fatherhood and says that as a father of two himself, he understands how one’s life transitions after kids. Speaking about his career, he asks the cricketer if he regrets not captaining more for the Indian cricket team.

Suresh answers that saying:

Not really, I have done enough, I have played well. I was a captain during Ipl for Gujrat, and I have enjoyed playing cricket a lot, that is all that matters.

Later, Salil asks him about whether he feels happy when he sees the records he has achieved in his successful cricketing career and Suresh speaks about how his daughter has reacted to those.

The cricketer says:

When my daughter sees me on YouTube, she is almost 5, she asks – Dad, do you play? And why is it that when we go out people ask to get pictures clicked with you? Then I and my wife tell her – I have played for my country; she very innocently says oh you play for Yellow. She is friends with M.S Dhoni’s daughter Ziva, and the kids of my colleagues, so I am just waiting for my kids to grow up and see our matches, our games, I think that is better than any record.

Suresh tied the knot with wife Priyanka Chaudhary in 2015 and welcomed their daughter Gracia Raina in 2016. They became parents once again to a baby boy called Rio Raina in March 2020 last year.