With beauty and fashion, one thing always rings true, what was once old is new again. Old trends sometimes updated, usually make a return every few years or so for various reasons. One trend that made a huge return last year and only continues to rise in popularity as we enter the new year is curtain bangs. Take one look at your Instagram feeds and you’ll see them all over the place. From celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and GiGi Hadid rocking them to bloggers and influencers, curtain bangs are everywhere. Simply put this ‘70s inspired hair trend has a centre part with the bangs on the longer end. Unlike straight across blunt bangs or dramatic side-swept bangs they have wispy ends that blend into the rest of your hair.

Curtain bangs are super pretty, sultry and the best part, it’s very versatile. The beauty of these wispy bangs is that they are suitable on any hair types or lengths and yes even curly hair! If you’ve ever considered getting bangs but been unsure about the chop this is the perfect gateway. It’s a low maintenance option that is remarkably easy to grow out into face-framing layers. Plus it looks great on everyone but especially so on round and square faces. Go to your stylist with images of what you like but if it’s your first time, we suggest opting for a length long enough to tuck behind your ears. Worried about styling them? Don’t you worry about a thing we’ve got you covered! While how you style them does depend entirely on the look for going for, we’ve listed a few easy methods to get you started.

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1. Use a blow dryer

This is the most common and recommended way to style your curtain bangs. Using a blow dryer allows for more volume and bounce to the look. Here you’ll need a round brush and blow dryer with a nozzle or a blow-dry brush instead. Begin by parting your hair in the middle then take a small section that’s closer to the temples and wrap to around the brush to dry. Make a few passes and repeat this process with the other sections of hair. Once you’re done, spritz a tiny bit of hairspray on a disposable mascara wand to brush through the bangs to keep them in place.

2. Let them air dry

If you prefer to go more natural and let your locks air-dry it is even easier. Place the bangs where you want them to sit and place creaseless clips to hold each side in place until they’re dry. Another option is to give the bangs a rough dry. Start by blow-drying them to the left then switch directions to the right. Repeat this until they are semi-dry. This will prevent your curtain bangs from looking flat by adding a bit of a bounce.

3. Use a flat iron

If you haven’t realised already, a blow dryer is an essential first step when styling bangs. First, you need to rough dry the hair, then take a round brush for the bangs like mentioned in the section above. This gives the hair some extra body. Next, the real magic begins with flat iron waves. Twist the straightener away from the face. Then hold on to it for a second in your hand until it cools down. Always remember to work in a smaller section so you have more control. If you need some added volume or texture use some dry shampoo before styling or use a texturizing spray at the end to complete your look.

4. Use a curling iron

This is one method that works best on those with straighter hair textures. Using a curling iron is a great way to fake a blowout look without using the hairdryer and round brush all over. Of course, you’ll still need to rough dry the bangs and set them aside with creaseless clips. Once your hair is dry move on to curling the rest of your hair with a 1 inch or 1.25-inch barrel curling iron. Before you move on to your bangs turn off the iron so it cools a little and curl them the same way as you did your hair. Remember to curl them facing outwards. Finally, brush out any tight curls and add some texturising spray to get that piece-y texture and bounce.

Styling Tip: No matter what tool you use to style your bangs, always remember to press them in the right direction. Even if you are air drying, brush them down to each side and then add your hair products like serums or heat protectants.

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