Instagram is one of the most trending platforms that is full of unique, creative, and entertaining content. Many creators use this platform to showcase their talent to inspire their fans. Raise your hand if you love winters? Well, here are a few creators whose wintery posts have us gushing over them. These pictures will give you the shivery vibes and will make you wanna wear an extra layer ASAP. So, chill-out,  jump inside your blanket, sip some hot chocolate and scroll away!

Check them out:

1. Sejal Kumar

What can we even say about this multi-talented, fashionista in town? Her content is always on point and we love her confidence way too much. In this picture, Sejal is all bundled-up in sweaters and we can feel the freezing cold breeze just by looking at her. Everything in this picture is perfectly balanced and she looks absolutely stunning, isn’t it?

2. Masoom Minawala Mehta

A diva, who gives us major travel inspo? Her feed is full of visually appealing content that leaves us wanting for more. Masoom’s smile always manages to steal our hearts and we love her ‘snow‘ much. This picture is simply magical and we can’t get enough of it, amirite?

3. Ashi Khanna

One of the most gorgeous creators whose stunning pictures will keep you hooked to her feed for hours. She shows her vibrant and natural-self through her content and we love how fresh and cozy she looks here. Raise your hand if you enjoy sunbathing in the winter season!

4. Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana, popularly known as @thatbohogirl, is straight-up goals and we love to scroll through her feed all day long! The way she keeps herself updated with all the new trends is commendable. Girl, how do you manage to look so cute every time? This picture gives us a temperature-dropping feel and can feel it all freezing.

5. Aashna Shroff

We all know and love Aashna for her classy content, don’t we? She never fails to disappoint us and we as her fans go gaga over her feed. Babe, you are stealing all the attention this winter with this picture. Everything in this picture yells white winters and we absolutely love it.

6. Sanket Mehta

Oh-boy, you are handsome and we love your content, especially your dance moves. This picture is a perfect winter sun-kissed one! Tbh, what catches our attention here in this picture is Sanket’s super cool socks.

7. Deeksha Khurana

Our cutie, Dee, is a talented influencer who is always blowing us away with her outstanding Reels and content. She owns a brand called ‘Dee Clothing’ and it’s straight-up fire! Omg, you are looking killer, and we love how aesthetic everything looks in this picture.

8. Siddharth Batra

The content creator who’s acing men’s fashion is also winning our hearts with his unique and creative content. Sid, how do you manage to look so luxurious and classy? I am sure you all agree that nobody is cooler than this guy.

So, here were some amazing wintery pictures that gave us the chill vibes! Every time we look at these creators’ posts we can’t help but get inspired by how they manage to get such a perfect picture. Tell us in the comments below whose picture gave you major winter feels?

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