Over the last few years, we have seen how social media has had a boom in its growth! People from different backgrounds are creating quality content online and are killin’ it. However, not all of them are creators from the very beginning. One such talented digital creator is Ankush Bahuguna! An actor, writer, performer, and entertainer who is loved by millions of people for his funny and relatable videos. Recently he experimented and found his new love for makeup and guess what, he started his own makeup Instagram page called ‘Wing It With Ankush’, I mean, isn’t this just incredible? So, keep scrolling to know more about this multi-talented creator right here!

Who is Ankush Bahuguna?

Ankush Bahuguna is a popular actor cum content creator whose videos have received immense love from his fans. With a social media family of over 600k followers on Instagram, he has entertained us with his relatable and true videos. Tbh, we can’t keep track of time while scrolling through his binge-worthy videos that make us ROFLing every time we watch them. Ankush inspires everyone to do what they love the most and is making people aware of what ‘masculinity’ really means through his amazing videos.

All about ‘Wing it with Ankush’

Cuz who says makeup isn’t for men? We love how Ankush’s new venture is breaking stereotypes around men wearing makeup. On his new Instagram page, #WIWA he has shown us all the detailed techniques of doing simple and easy-going makeup. We have seen him experiment and explore on this page. If you haven’t checked it out yet then ladies and gentlemen what are you waiting for? Damn, Ankush, the efforts you are putting in to make yourself and others feel great is mind-blowing. We have seen him collaborate and post videos of him helping other creators and friends to get ready.

Check them out:

1. Winging it with Aishwarya

We all know the gorgeous, Aishwarya for her excellent comic timing, isn’t it? Gosh, she is looking stellar with such a bright yet subtle makeover. Ankush really took us all by surprise with this collab outcome. Honestly, we can’t stop gushing over this one!

2. Winging it with Shibani

Ankush and Shibani have always been good friends who have collaborated and created many videos together in the past. Their goofy relationship is #FreindshipGoals, amirite? However, this one is different, special and we are blown away by Ankush’s skills.

3. Winging it with Devanshi

This is super cool! We are loving all the unedited pictures that Ankush has shared on his Instagram page. Waiting for Devanshi and Ankush to collaborate soon in the future.

Ankush has always inspired us with his content and we love to see him do things out-of-the-box. The best part is that he never shies away from experimenting and venturing out of his comfort zone. All these collaborations were simply picture-perfect and we are so proud of Ankush for starting this amaze venture. Which collaboration of his do you love the most? Tell us in the comments below!

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