5 Ways To Stay Fashionable On A Budget

5 Ways To Stay Fashionable On A Budget

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Byline by: Asha Prakasha

All of us want to look our best, even on our worst days. But one of the main problems we face when it comes to shopping is that we always want everything but always find that it weighs a little too heavy on our pockets. This problem hits students harder since we don’t really have a steady source of income yet, so shopping on a budget is the only solution! Budgeting has many pros—it helps us make sustainable choices and gets our creative juices flowing. Listed below are a few ways to stay sustainable and shop on a budget.

1. Knowing the difference between what you absolutely need and what you want will help you budget better

We may want to buy a ton of clothes just to have choices, but when we take a real look at our closets, we realise that we don’t wear all the clothes we own. We tend to forget many old clothes that we have but yet we sometimes get sucked into consumer behaviour that’s fueled by our constant need to not “recycle” or “restyle” items of clothing. The best way to buy what we need is to make a list for the things you really, truly need and assign a budget to that.

2. Review the clothes you already own

People tend to buy and accumulate a lot of clothes over the years. For some of us, it is hard to give up on clothes that we hardly even look at or might fit into. But it’s time to face facts and do a deep dive into the dark ends of your closet. Make a throw pile, donate pile and keep pile and start segregating the pieces. When it comes to the keep pile, stock up on the classics like black denim, white shirts, sneakers, basic tank tops etc, ’cause these items never go out of style and you can always wear them with anything.

3. You can invest in great quality even when on a budget

Take into account the cost of the item and divide that by how many times you may probably wear it. This will give you a clear idea about whether it is worth the expense. It’s ok to spend a little extra on an item that you truly love and see yourself wearing more than 30 times. And it is totally okay to wear clothes you’ve worn before, the sooner we understand that, the faster we get on a sustainable journey.

4. Shop out of your friends closet for a great deal

The best way to make some extra pocket money is to sell your clothes that you don’t wear anymore. If it’s in good condition, sell it to thrift shops or donate it, better yet. You can also trade clothes with your friends or cousins who have similar tastes. This way, both of you can wear different clothes and you wouldn’t have to worry about overextending your budget.

5. Know when to shop when on a budget

The best time to shop is during festivals, pop-ups or at the end of the season to score great deals. It’s the only practical solution—shop when all the stores go on sale. This way you get to stay within your budget and buy more of the things you need. Remember to invest more in classic pieces because they will stand the test of time and remain versatile forever.

What are some tips you use to shop on a budget? Let me know in the comments below.

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