In the world of social media, creators can rise to fame (almost overnight) with just ONE video or post. All it takes is that one viral content that takes the entire digital space by storm. Speaking of viral, if you have been engaging on social media platforms then you definitely know Yashraj Mukhate! A singer, producer, and musician who is now a social media star for his mega-viral music tracks in 2020. While his hilarious iconic track, Rasode Mein Kon Tha turned him into a social media sensation, Yashraj always was a star and not a one-hit-wonder. Here are a few of his other song creations that we have been jammin’ to and are defo worth your attention.

Check them out:

1. Kya Karu Mai Itni Sundar Hoon Toh

What can I even say about this epic track right here? We couldn’t stop laughing at how Yashraj turned a TikTok dialogue into a rap song remixed by Shade with peppy music beats. The tune is so catchy and innovative that you won’t be able to stop yourself from listening to it over and over again.

2. How’s The Josh

If you thought that Yashraj is only good at remixes and raps, then this will prove you wrong! ‘How’s The Josh’  is a song that is written, composed, and sung by Yashraj himself. The music and lyrics of this song are so powerful that it awakens the feeling of patriotism every time we listen to it and we absolutely love it!

3. Money Doesn’t Matter

Let me start off by asking, does money matter? OMG, this mashup is next level hilarious that made us ROFLing! Yashraj truly is a gem who keeps us entertained with his precious talent. Damn, his beat sense is super strong that we can’t control ourselves from groovin‘!

4. Naagin

We have seen creators collaborate with other creators and celebrities, but Yashraj took the idea of collaboration to a whole new level. He collaborated with ‘reptiles’ to entertain us, I mean isn’t this WOW! This music track of his was quite trending and tbh, we can’t wait to see who/what he collaborates with next.

5. Natural Face Ayeee x Bhangra

Turning dialogues into catchy music is some talent, we must say! This is yet another iconic dialogue musical meme that we can’t get enough of. What really stands out for us in this track is the Bhangra beats and makes us wanna sing and dance. If you still haven’t checked out Yashraj’s work yet, do you still need a reason to wait?

6. So Jaao (Haider)

We are impressed by how Yashraj subtly manages to give out a social message while entertaining his fans. This one here spreads the message of quitting smoking as it’s injurious to health. Lastly, we would say that Yashraj is truly a superstar who has always been creating unique content.

From ‘Zakurrr‘ to ‘Tuadda Kutta Tommy‘ and ‘Rasode Mein Kaun Tha‘, we can say that we unlocked a hidden talent in 2020. Yashraj has worked on multiple tracks in the past and we can’t wait to see such amazing content from him in the future as well. Which track of Yashraj is stuck in your heads? Tell us in the comments below!

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