Racism and prejudice are issues that are very much prevalent but discussed in hushed tones world over. Now, people are much more open about having conversations about it and talking about their experiences openly.

Recently, choreographer and filmmaker Remo D’Souza also came out to share his experiences with the same. In an interview with Times Of India, he says he has faced a lot of racism and prejudice due to the colour of his skin since his childhood. He shares that people used to call him names but he ignored it because he thought they were saying that “because he looks a certain way”.

But he elaborates and shares that it is only once he grew up that he realised that it was wrong and that him letting them say those things is worse. So he now stands up and gives it back to those who comment on him or the colour of his skin. He says that racism is very much a reality, especially in small towns and villages. He adds that that is also what pushed him to become who he is today so that nobody could call him those names again.

More power to you, Remo!

While we are glad he is starting conversations about such pertinent issues, that’s not it. He has recently turned producer and is presenting the film Laila Manju which talks about the racism and prejudice faced by the LGBTQIA+ community.

The film, which is set in London, features Shashank Vyas of Balika Vadhu fame, Abhimanyu Tomar, Nehal Chudasama, Lulia Vântur, Farida Jalal, Jimmy Sheirgill, Niki Aneja Walia, Rajit Kapur, Mahesh Manjrekar, VJ Andy, and Jesse Lever in pivotal roles.