Tiger Zinda Hai and Tandav actor Paresh Pahuja is set to debut as a singer. He has rendered a single, titled Mascara.

Paresh says that it’s a romantic song, which is about first-time love:

It’s written and composed by Vayu. It’s about the mascara that women put in their eyes, and how eyes are a window to the soul. It’s a way of saying that I want to be as close to your soul as possible.

The actor on being asked whether he always want to be a singer said that:

There’s a story behind this. I’d met Vayu during Akasa’s song launch last year, as I featured in the music video. We got along and exchanged numbers. One day, I got a strong feeling from within that I want to do music professionally and pursue it seriously, not just sing at house parties. I messaged Vayu and shared my wish with him. I asked him if we could jam together and work on something. He sent me this song, Mascara, in less than a minute and asked me how I liked it. We recorded the next day and the song was ready in a week. This was about 1.5 -2 years ago. Since then we were trying to put the songs out. I’m glad it’s finally seeing the light of the day.

While he has done the playback, Vayu has composed and written the track. The music video features singer, Akasa Singh. Paresh was a part of Akasa’s debut song and now she’s a part of his first song as well.

Ask him what he enjoys the most between acting and music, and Paresh refuses to choose one.

I love and enjoy both. I believe they go hand-in-hand. Any art form is just a way of expressing yourself, and the more creative mediums you get to express your feelings, the better. I try to explore other art forms as well, like painting, trying various musical instruments, etc. I like to keep on learning different forms of art, because it helps you understand yourself better.

While he has just ventured into music, Paresh definitely sees himself doing music, professionally and on a large scale.

He says:

I would love to tour and perform at concerts, do playback singing for Bollywood, have original song releases and have my own albums. I want to do songs that are honest and can connect with people.