We are living in an era of Zoom and other video conferencing tools. Ever since the new reality came into action, board rooms and office desks have been replaced by our dining tables and coffee tables. Contactless meetings and communicating via video calls is the new way to roll. And most of us have already adjusted to this new norm. A major pro of this virtual life has to be the time we save in getting ready allowing us to squeeze in those few extra minutes of sleep! But even when it comes to Zoom meetings, there is little exception with regard to our fashion choices.

Dressing for Zoom calls is definitely different than in-person meetings but they’re easier and far more comfortable. Simply because you only have to dress from the waist up. What you wear from below the waist hardly matters. Nevertheless, you have to ensure you look professional as you would in the office. For this, consider sectioning a portion of your wardrobe with Zoom essentials, that include wardrobe basics, which strike a balance between loungewear and workwear.

To add on, here are some general rules to keep in mind:

  • Avoid anything too sexy or sloppy.
  • Steer clear of shiny or sheer fabrics that may result in a wardrobe malfunction even on camera.
  • Choose solid colours over patterns or prints. Patterns tend to create a weird optical effect on camera.
  • Keep your hair and makeup simple and clean.

Keep reading for 6 wardrobe items you need to get ready for a Zoom meeting:

1) A structured blazer

This tops the list and will probably be the one item you reach out for the most. Avoid loose or oversized blazers as there’s a good chance of them looking ill-fitted on camera as opposed to in-person. Therefore, opt for a tailored cut in dark, solid colours that aren’t too attention-grabbing but are versatile, making it easy for you to layer them over most of your shirts and tees.

2) A crisp shirt

For internal work meetings or semi-formal meet-ups, a crisp shirt will be your safest bet. Stock up on a few shirts in various hues that you can pick depending on the mood. Ensure that they’re comfortable, will allow for seamless movement and also make you feel good. This helps to reduce the stress of looking good on camera. They also form the base layer for when you need to throw on a jacket or a blazer. When it comes to the fitting, avoid anything that may crease or cause the buttons to gape when sitting. Also, be mindful about the fabric of your shirt. For instance—polyester-cotton knits, matte jersey and crepe compositions look better on camera and wrinkle less.

3) A headband

Every day might not be a great hair day. And some days you cannot be bothered to style your mane either. For days like these, hair accessories such as hairbands are the perfect fix. Tying your hair might not look too great on camera and can look shabby at times. A clean, cute headband in a classic style or one with minimum embellishments, for casual or semi-formal meetings is a great add on. It will keep your hair in place and help to elevate your look.

4) A cardigan

The casual equivalent to a blazer would be a cardigan. Throw on a cosy cardigan over your outfit to instantly make your outfit look more put-together. It’s a great trick for when you don’t have time to change your blouse and need to look presentable for a Zoom call. A cardigan is casual, comfortable, and looks stylish as well. The best colours would be neutrals such as cream, khaki, navy or greys as these register well on camera. Moreover, they relay as professional and trustworthy. Cardigans are also handy to layer over for when your top is in a contrasting colour or loud with prints and patterns.

5) Delicate Jewellery

Adding accessories is a great way to bling up your outfit. Earrings and necklaces have the potential to elevate a simple look. Of course, it is important to opt for minimal designs that don’t distract your peers. Delicate necklaces and non-dangly earrings are the most recommended options. This will help you achieve a polished and professional look, but one that isn’t too mundane.

6) A detachable collar

We’ve saved the most interesting accessory for the end. An unexpected addition to your Zoom wardrobe would be these quirky detachable collars, that can be extremely useful. If you’re bored of sweaters and blouses, team them with a detachable collar to style up your look. Since they take up minimal surface area, you can go for different patterns and designs to liven up your look. A fun yet work-appropirate fashion hack to make a statement during work calls!

Do you have any more suggestions on what one could add to their Zoom wardrobe? Drop your recommendations in the comments below.

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