If you surf the internet then you probably know who Ricky Pond is! These days, you might never know who can catch the eye of the netizens and become a viral sensation online. Recently it’s the videos of an American dad dancing to Bollywood songs that are making rounds on the internet. Ricky Pond is a Washington based dadfluencer who makes incredible dance videos on Indian tracks and posts them on Instagram. He currently has more than 237k followers on Instagram and is a dad to 4 kids. NGL, over these past few days, we have been hooked to his jhatkas and thumkas! At this point, we are certain that he dances on Hindi tracks like no other and he is exactly the kind of Bollywood dad we all need in our lives! Keep scrolling to find out what makes him so special.

Here we go!

1. His Garba moves are stronger than yours

Watching Ricky shake a leg on Darshan Raval‘s Kamariya is nothing but epic! Let us tell you one thing if Ricky ever attends any Garba night in Mumbai or Gujarat, he’s surely gonna set the floor on fire. PS: We really gotta learn some moves from him!

2. Hrithik Roshan who?

Honestly, Ricky here is giving the king of dance some serious competition! 😛 This song is quite famous for its classic hook-step and Ricky knocked this ball out of the park with his rendition. We absolutely love watching his videos not only ‘cuz he dances well but also because he is always in a positive and happy spirit.

3. He’d kill at a Punjabi wedding

A wedding is not complete until Panju uncles step on the dance floor and show everyone their lit moves. However, we are pretty sure if Ricky attended a Punjabi wedding, he would set the stage on fire with his awesome bhangra. He’s exactly the kind of entertaining Bollywood dad we all need in our lives. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to party with him? 😛

4. Ricky loves to dance with his kids

This video looks like a full-blown Sangeet choreography and we are loving it! It’s so adorable to watch Ricky involve his lil’ munchkins in his dance videos. Tbh, all of them dance so well, it makes me wanna try out a family dance video too.

5. He knows all iconic steps

Up until this time, I always thought that no one could ever do this iconic step better than Salman Khan but Ricky is here giving him some serious competition! Can I just say how cute he looks while recreating classic hook-steps? I am certain that he knows more about Bollywood than most of the people out there.

After the release of Scam 1992, almost all of us in the country were bopping our heads to this catchy theme song. Little did we know that even people in the west were grooving to it! Ricky jumped on to the India Vs US meme trend and gave it an awesome twist of his own. We love how he is so updated with all viral trends.

7. He knows how to dress for the occasion

First of all, we all love this song because Chammak Chalo is not just a song, its a vibe! Secondly, can we please talk about their desi attire and how they look absolutely amazing? We can’t get over how he and his wife are truly enjoying the music. Surely with a household like theirs, there’s never a dull moment!

While there are so many videos of Ricky Pond that we absolutely love, these have to be our favourites! It’s amazing to watch him understand so much about our Indian culture and enjoy the spirit of our favourite Bollywood tracks. He is indeed the filmy dad we all need in our lives. Which song would you like to watch Ricky Pond dance on? Tell us in comments below!

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