For today’s generation, social media platforms play an essential role in their lives. Everything is digital and social media platforms open up a whole new world of virtual reality. Today, all content creators and influencers know that Instagram is a visual platform and it’s gaining momentum with every passing day. Creators are always experimenting with this platform and trying to make their content more visually appealing and engaging. There are many creative ways of doing that and some influencers have also shown us how. If you are looking to amp up your pictures and stories for Instagram, these awesome hacks by some talented creators will surely help you. So, are you ready to glam the shiz out of your feed?

Here you go!

1. Aakriti Rana

This is one of the most creative hacks to make your story look visually aesthetic! We love how Aakriti showed everyone a great way to add music to stories and make it look super appealing as well. Overall, her tutorial is also quite easy to follow so, you can start experimenting with this idea on your story right away!

2. Jana Collar

Do you wish to give your story a retro/filmy vibe? Just follow this easy hack by Jana. In her video, she easily explained how to create a film reel and it looks so creative and beautiful! It’s also a great way to showcase multiple pictures in one story.

3. Gia Kashyap

Gia Kashyap is a talented content creator whose feed is super appealing. She posted this Reel tutorial to help y’all amp up your stories and we love it. It’s not complicated but it does serve the purpose of catching the eye of the audience. Such Instagram story ideas keep this platform interesting, amirite?

4. Mansi Ugale

Mansi’s feed will surely leave you awestruck! She is a digital creator who is popular for her self-portraits and stunning pictures. She shared some amazing hacks as to how one can amplify their pictures and we are loving them. The ideas are so easy and practical and in turn, makes our pictures look stunning!

5. Ranjini Debnath

Ranjini is a phenomenal creator whose self-portraits and photoshoots are absolutely mind-blowing. We love how creative she is and she is always experimenting with new ideas. In this short Reel, she quickly showed how to add a transparent overlay on our Instagram stories and left us shook! We are certain that this hack will leave your stories looking glam.

6. Pranavi Mulmuley

Pranavi is the queen of creative photoshoots and self-portraits. She is always blowing us away with quirky pictures and amazing shoot ideas. We particularly loved this one ‘cuz it’s not just adorable but also practical to execute. If you really wish to spice up your feed with creative pictures, Pranavi’s profile is your one-stop-destination!

7. Sakshu Singh

Sakshu Singh a.k.a Sukoon Ghar is extremely popular for her Reel edits and videos compilations. However, she also has a flair in editing her pictures and trust us, they look so soothing and visually appealing. After a lot of requests, she posted an IGTV with an editing tutorial and it’s so insightful. Not just that, the tips and hacks are easy to follow so, one can easily try them out with their pictures.

All these creators are super talented and their tips and tricks have helped us amp our Instagram to the next level. If you wish to try something creative, their profiles are the place to go! Out of these, which hack are you gonna try first? Tell us in comments below!

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